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It’s exciting and rewarding to play Roulette for real money. Roulette is actually one of the best games to bet on if you’re a beginner – it’s easy to choose what kinds of odds you’re gambling on, and it’s nice to be able to ease your way into a game instead of jumping in headfirst.

Online casinos have much better options than brick-and-mortar casinos when it comes to playing Roulette on your own terms. Come and see why it’s better to play Roulette with real money online, and how to take advantage of the choices that online casinos provide!

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Choose the Best Casino to Play Real Money Roulette

When playing for money out of your deposit bonus you might want to experiment as much as you can – but when you start to play with real money that comes out of your deposit and out of your pocket, you have to have some expectations. Your experience has to be flawless, exciting and entertaining – and don’t forget exhilarating and simply thrilling! You want to have an adventure every time you log into the live Roulette game in your favorite casino.

How do you choose the best casino? Here, we have a choice of many online casinos with all the important things already checked off for you. Thinks like the right type of licensing on both games and casinos themselves. Licensed casinos use legitimate software, have fair payment practices and don’t leave you hanging when you play Roulette for real money – or any other game for that matter.

All you have to do is look through our selection of casinos and pick which one suits you best when it comes to real money Roulette. And let us give you a hint – go for the one with the most live gaming real money options!

Different Types of Roulette

In a brick-and-mortar casino, there might be a lot of different games available than when you look at Roulette online. The reason for this is, of course – the limited space you have on a real casino floor. There just isn’t room for all the different types of Roulette – so most of the time they pick what’s most popular, like European Roulette or American Roulette. It’s actually rare to find European Roulette in most American casinos, and when you do – it tends to be high stakes only since the house edge is much lower in this version.

Although Tropicana in Las Vegas started the double ball Roulette a few years ago, they are more of an exception than a rule. They did it as a novelty, and most casinos stick to what they know best. Besides, the Tropicana has quite a lot of room to play with – 4,600 square meters of floor space just for gaming, and over 6,000 square meters of exhibition space. The double ball Roulette was originally part of an exhibition and became popular fairly quickly.

When you’re playing online, there are a lot of different types of roulette to choose from – a lot more than in brick-and-mortar casinos. Do you know the reason for that? It’s because real-life casinos have to pay for their space – and it’s expensive. Live Roulette is played out in a studio – a space made just for well-prepared online Roulette dealers who have all the special effects and tools at their beck and call in order to make the game exciting for you. These can include

  • over 30 different camera angles
  • many different buy-in prices
  • VIP tables as well as low buy-in tables
  • many diverse types of Roulette
  • croupiers who are native speakers of many different languages
  • special effects like lightning and other 3D visuals
  • live chat
  • easy tutorials
  • easy to set betting limits

You see, the list just goes on and on. It’s easy to lose yourself when you play online Roulette, and we’d love to explain all your different options to you.

Types of Online Roulette

Online Roulette has a lot of different options, and you’re sure to find your favorite one when you start experimenting. Here are just some of the available types of choices waiting for you when you play online Roulette. This is an interesting list to look at, but don’t be alarmed! If you’re a beginner, we recommend you stick to classic European Roulette in order to get warmed up.

In order to make this more fun, we compared the winning odds of each of these games. Just one variant, in order to keep it short! We are going to go with a Single Number Bet, how much it pays out and the odds of hitting it in each of these games.

American Roulette and European Roulette

These are the two main types of roulette. European roulette has one “0” pocket, while the American version has two “0” pockets – one of them marked as “00”. This means that the house favors the European version because the ratio of winning numbers to zeros is bigger. Why play American Roulette? Well – most people say that they’re “used to it”, and if a gambler is “used to something” better not change it, even if it seems for the better! American or European, these are the classics of all Roulette games.

American Roulette:

Single Number Odds – 2.60%

Payout – 35:1

European Roulette:

Single Number Odds- 2.70%

Payout – 35:1

Multi-Ball Roulette

This version of roulette has not one but two and up to three or even more. This type of Roulette is relatively young – it started at Las Vegas’ Tropicana Casino in 2015, and it uses the European style Roulette table. Here you have a better chance of winning, depending on how many balls are in play. You get two winning numbers – or two losing numbers. You have a chance of landing two balls on one number and winning a double jackpot! But keep this in mind the payouts are split between the multiple balls! So if you hit a single number win with one ball, you get half of your payout. But consider that your odds are better, so you might end up winning less but more often. Ah, choices!

Two-Ball Roulette

Single Number Odds: 5.33%

Payout – 35:2

Live Dealer Roulette

This is our favorite type of roulette in online casinos, and the most rewarding type of game to play for real money – at least that’s our opinion. The reason for it is that with live dealers, you can feel the excitement in the air, and you get to interact with the game in live mode. You can also replay your winning spins in slow motion, after observing them from many different angles. Of course, this is the type of view that you might not get in a real game at a casino in Vegas or Monte Carlo – it’s an experience solely reserved for people who play live at online casinos. Here is a short example of how it might look like from the player’s perspective:

As you can see, the Roulette table is conveniently in front of you, so you can see all your bets quite clearly. You can choose from the different types of chips, you can double your bet and you can place your chips wherever you’d like with ease. Another great benefit – you can’t mess up, the game won’t let you. The awkwardness and fear of making a mistake that new players usually have when playing live Roulette in a casino are gone.

The odds are the same as the version you choose to play – whether American, European, French, Double-Ball – you pick!

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

This is a Roulette game made by Microgaming – a software developer considered one of the top contenders for the best maker of live games in the world. This version of Roulette was developed for the personalized feel that makes you really feel like you’re playing one on one with the croupier. It has a traditional European wheel. This is not a “live” online Roulette, and you won’t see a live dealer. The winning numbers here are generated by a mathematical algorithm. The odds are the same as with European Roulette. You will play with a computer-generated graphic, just like this:

Multi-Wheel Roulette

This is the same concept as the multi-ball roulette but with multiple wheels. You get multiple wheels on multiple balls. The odds remain the same – there’s no cheating that.


If you’re looking for head-spinning fun, then you should try Springo. Springo is a mixed drink of Bingo and Roulette – so if you like both, try a super fun combination! Springo was invented by Microgaming – the same software developer that thought of Premier Roulette Diamond Editon. It’s so twisted and different that it might not even belong on this list – but it’s a close enough cousin so why not try it!

The wheel is constructed in a completely different manner than traditional real money Roulette – but make no mistake – this game takes real money to play and a lot of people do take it quite seriously. Divided into three colors instead of two – yellow, blue and red with one green house pocket (in place of a zero pocket), the ball is spat out by a puff of air in the middle. In fact, there are different balls, numbered 1-10. This is more like bingo, whereas the spinning wheel is more like Roulette. This game is one of the best hybrids we’ve seen! We recommend playing the easier and more generous color bets, or betting on numbers, or even/odd numbers because your odds of hitting the same color and same number are a bit slim:

Single Number Odds: 2.48%

Payout – 31:1


French Roulette

French Roulette is one of our favorite types of Roulette for the best odds and entertainment value – if you find a table with live French Roulette, we recommend you get yourself a seat. The table and rules are basically the same as European Roulette, with a few choice exceptions that make us very happy indeed. A lot of people agree that the rules of this type of game are the closest to the original Roulette games that started it all.

La Partage – this rule is unique to French Roulette, and it makes it unique. When the ball lands on the zero pocket, the dealer takes all even money bets, halves them, and takes one half for the house. As you may have guessed, “La Partage” means to “part” – or to “divide”. Only even money bets are subject to this kind treatment – if you hit a zero on the wheel, all other bets are automatically a loss.

En Prison – here is another great rule particular to French Roulette games that is meant to keep you out of trouble. This bet also covers even money bets ONLY. If the ball lands on the zero pocket, the croupier will put your bet into “prison” by putting a special marker on it. You have to win on the next spin in order to win your money back. If you play roulette in the American or European style, you’ll never get that chance.

Single Number Odds – 2.70%

Payout – 35:1

Lightning Roulette

This is a version of European Roulette, with a few special perks. We recommend this version to gamers who are already comfortable with Roulette games and like to play Roulette fast. This is where the “Lightning” comes in, because this is a very quickly paced version of the game. This was made by none other than Evolution Gaming, the online Roulette kings of the world.

Lightning Roulette has a live dealer and features what some people might find familiar if they’re into playing slot games – multipliers. The best thing when you play Roulette like this is the excitement of the croupier pulling a lightning lever that lets you know the multiplier numbers, or “lightning numbers” – these will tell you what the multiplier numbers will be and what their multiplying factor is. Then, when the dealer spins the wheel it’s

Single Number Odds– 2.70%

Payout: 29:1 (much more if you hit the multiplier)

Take a look at how exciting Lightning Roulette can be in this example of a real game, featuring a lively American croupier – notice that he is fluent in three languages: English, Russian and Latvian. Watch him answer the players’ questions that appear in the live chatbox. It’s a great example of how interactive playing roulette with a live dealer can be!

…and many others

Other types of online Roulette that you can play for real money include these:

  • Slingshot Auto Roulette
  • Pinball Roulette
  • Ra Roulette
  • Key Bet Roulette
  • Immersive Roulette
  • 3D Roulette
  • Playboy Live Dealer

These are some but not all of the different types of variations you can find when you look for options to play online roulette. All of these roulette games have different styles, odds and tricks up their sleeves. Don’t forget about the different special effects! For example, Ra roulette features a fun dealer and themed side bets – something to keep an eye on if you become a bit bored with playing regular Roulette. There’s also Microgaming’s Playboy Live Dealer Roulette, where the dealers are appropriately costumed.

Playing With Bonuses Before You Spend Real Money

Of course, before you play for real money you might want to experiment a bit. You can’t play for free, but you can play with any bonuses you get. Bonuses don’t offer you “real money” per se – you can’t just turn around and withdraw it. There are many rules and wagering rules that every casino will present you with. And don’t worry about being “fooled” – the rules are clear when playing with bonus money.

When you make an account in a casino, some online casinos will give you some “credits” to gamble with, in order to see what the gameplay is like and to get you “sucked in” – this works really well if a casino has entertaining and exciting games – you’ll see that you want to stay and keep playing roulette games, slots or other types of casino games in no time, and without paying any real money.

When you decide to make your first deposit, you get a “first deposit bonus” or a “welcome bonus”. This is standard practice in most casinos and something that you won’t see in a brick-and-mortar casino. It’s a way for the casinos to welcome you and to keep you playing and testing out things you might not be brave enough to try when playing with real money.

Welcome Bonuses – How to Use Them

As a bonus, you will get a certain amount of “cash” that you can play online Roulette with, or games like Poker, Blackjack or Craps. You will most certainly also get free spins – you can spend those only at slot machines. Bonuses will usually try to match your initial deposit – some casinos even go as far as matching your deposits by 200%! This is why making a large initial deposit might extend your gameplay for quite a long time.

Of course, if you love to play online in one casino, you will get loyalty points too. The great thing about online casinos is that they want to reward you for staying loyal and excited about them – there is so much competition out there that every gambler creates a special relationship that is worth the personal attention.

You can use these bonuses on all the table games you can find, including Roulette. Each casino will have separate rules on how to cash in on the winnings if you happen to play online roulette with free money and win. In most cases, the money needs to go through one more cycle of being wagered before you can collect it.

Real Money Roulette Rules / FAQ

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