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Arab countries might not seem like great destinations for gambling, but times are changing. Did you know that some of the most prestigious and opulent casinos in the world are located in Arab countries? You can get similar experiences and world-class treatment – just in Macao or Monte Carlo. In fact, because casinos are still a rarity here, the ones that do exist tend to be designed with extra luxury and VIP service in mind – they are places where culture and entertainment get showcased.

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If you can’t make it to the casinos of Egypt, Casino du Liban or either one of the grand racing establishments of Dubai (where you can’t officially bet anyway) – you can turn to online games for your gambling entertainment needs. Online casinos have catered to Arab guests for decades, and if you love playing table games like Poker, Blackjack or Roulette, you can do so online. In fact, did you know that there is 24hr access to live games where you are taken care of by a live croupier or dealer? All you have to do is choose a table and the most friendly dealer.

When it comes to live card games you can pick from native English, French or Arabic croupiers, depending on your preference. Remember that this is a great time to feel like a part of a large gambling community, where you can actually chat with the dealer in the chat window and have them respond live. Many live online casino games have incredible viewing options – multiple camera angles to choose from as well as a slow-motion playback. This will add to the fun when you’re playing a game like online Roulette, and want to see the ball land in your winning pocket again, and with detail.

You will stay completely private and anonymous while being social in an online casino – all you need is a good VPN service (we don’t recommend the free ones) but you’ll still be able to socialize and have fun with other players from all around the world.

Online Casinos in Saudi Arabia

What casinos are available to players in Saudi Arabia? There are some that you can log onto without many problems without a VPN, but this can change from day to day, so it’s best to find a reliable VPN provider. There are a lot of available casinos – and if you are playing from anywhere in Saudi, you have the same access to online casinos as anywhere in the world. Your VPN might be based in the United States or Europe – there are different casinos available in all of these locations.

Online Casinos With Native Arabic Speakers

If you want to lay back and enjoy an exciting game of cards with a lovely and professional croupier, there are many casinos that will cater to your needs in Arabic, no matter what country you’re in. How does it work? Casinos generally get their games from different software providers. Evolution Gaming is one of the casino software developers that train native Arabic speakers and have some of the most professional dealers in the live casino business. They are known for live Arabic Roulette. They are serious about hiring the best dealers and transmit their live feeds from over 12 different locations across the world. Some transmit from Europe, while others from as far as the United States. Who knows if a dealer isn’t from your country, even if you’re far apart?

Popular Online Gambling Games in Arab Countries

Racing was always a favorite sport and a cultural pastime in many Arabic countries – whether it’s camel racing or horse racing. It’s no coincidence that some of the word’s most beautiful and expensive horses are Arabian. There is a large amount of racing that you can watch at the King Aziz Race Track and King Khaled Race Track. Located in Riyadh and Taif respectively, these are some of the world’s most famous race tracks.

The King Abdulaziz Racetrack in Ryadh features The Saudi Cup and yes – many of our online casinos offer bets on events like this. This is the world’s richest race, and where there is money there is always betting. You can bet on horse races in your country in a number of online casinos.

Famous Card Players From Arab Countries

When it comes to pro card tournaments like high stakes Poker, Arab countries have a lot to be proud of. Sam Farha is a Lebanese player who became famous in the 2003 WSOP Main Event – he opened the floodgates for other players from the region to come and try their luck in similar tournaments and other table games for high stakes. Lebanon isn’t the only country that is home to famous gamblers and high stakes winners.

It turns out that there are some very competitive players in the Arab world. A few years back, the lifetime combined earnings added up to these astounding sums:

And the numbers go on and on. Arab countries put a lot at stake in tournaments – but they wager a lot in online gaming as well. There are other opportunities to gamble and to make wagers in online casinos aside from racing and card games. See who made it into the winning hall of fame from your country.

Slot Games in the Arab World

Slot games are some of the world’s most entertaining and most popular forms of gambling games whether you’re in a posh casino in Egypt or off the coast of Dubai. In fact, when you’re standing on the casino floor, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between any casino in an Arabic country, Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. The universe of high-class casinos is like its own kingdom. Slot machines are all the rage no matter where you are – even if you’re visiting an online casino. Players from the regions go for all sorts of games – including the classic slots with lucky sevens, fruit and bar symbols, or the exciting 3D slots with amazing graphics that will pop out at you and themes like Ancient Mayan treasure, pirates, space, popular shows, and movies. There are also a lot of Arabian themed slots, based on regional legends. With names like Arabian Nights, Arabian Dream, Cat Prince, Desert Oasis, Persian Fortune, Grand Bazaar, The Emirate, Sultan’s Fortune, or the Desert Beat (and many other ones new and old) you will be immersed in the world of Arabic lore and legend in no time. Arabic themed slots are some of the most popular ones in any country you’re playing from.