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The Tunisian Republic is located in the very north of Africa and has strong trade ties with Europe. Its estimated population is over eleven million. Interestingly, more than a quarter of them live in the capital city called Tunis. 98% of the people are of Arab-Berber origin, with a small percentage of Europeans (mostly French and Italian) and Jewish residents. The official language is Arabic, but most people speak Berber and French as well, with the latter being widely used in commerce, education, and administration.

Tunisia is a popular tourist destination, mostly due to its Roman archeological sites (including Carthage). What is more, it has one of the most significant cities for Muslims – Kairouan. Its Great Mosque is the first temple of this kind in the first Islamic town in the West. Thanks to the thriving tourism, the restaurant business in Tunisia is developing rapidly as well. Apart from that, other important industries include fiber optics, transportation, agriculture, ICT infrastructure, and training.

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The predominant religion in Tunisia is Islam, with around 90% of the population being the followers. When the revolution of 2011 took place, a moderately Islamist government was established. However, it is a secular country, because it doesn’t combine religion with politics as much as many other Muslim states do. It is partly because of the time spent under French colonial rule. The majority of Tunisian laws are constructed on the basis of French code, with just some influence of the Islamic principles.

Gambling Law in Tunisia

The attitude to gambling in Tunisia is quite surprising. It’s not entirely banned because land-based casinos can function there officially, and they are fully licensed. The largest facility has been built in Hammamet, and it’s called Casino La Médina. However, those casinos are available exclusively for non-Muslims and accept foreign currencies only (similarly as in Egypt), not the local dinars. For this reason, before you enter such a building, your documents will be checked, and it is not only your nationality that matters but also your age – you have to be over 18 years old.

As casinos in Tunisia are not available for the locals, they often turn to online gambling. There are many websites that accept players from this country, so there are lots of opportunities to place your bets. You just need to be careful and remember to take all the vital precautions to play casino games on the Internet.

Favorite Sports to Bet on in Tunisia

One of the most popular sports in Tunisia is undoubtedly football. The Eagles of Carthage, the national team of the country, were the winners of the African Cup of Nations in 2004, which was actually even hosted in Tunisia. They have also participated in the FIFA World Cup four times: in 1978, 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2018. Another highly appreciated sport in Tunisia is handball. This country hosted the Handball World Championship in 2005, and its national team reached the fourth place back then. Interestingly, they were also the winners of the African Cup for as many as nine times.

Apart from football and handball, other sports that are willingly practiced and watched by Tunisians include tennis, volleyball, basketball, and rugby. However, there are no local bookmakers to place your bets in any sports game, so if you want to do that, you need to search for international websites that accept gamblers from Tunisia.

The Best Online Casino Sites in Tunisia

Unfortunately, there are no Tunisia online casinos because, in this country, there is no licensing law for such a business. Therefore, if you somehow encounter any local sites, take into consideration that they may not be trustworthy, and you can face legal consequences or fraud. Instead, it’s more advisable to stick to high-standard online casinos registered in other countries. As they have the proper licenses in their homelands, you can be sure that they will not try scamming, and that all of your winnings will be transferred to you without any difficulties.

However, you may wonder, how can you know if a particular platform is fully licensed, and where to look for the best online casinos. Luckily, you don’t have to do it on your own – there are teams of online gambling experts who have done all the research work for you! Therefore, all you have to do is visit a recommendation website that collects the links to checked and trusted casinos.

It’s worth knowing that such lists are created taking into consideration not only the reliability of particular sites but also the attractiveness of their offers. The online gambling industry is thriving, and more and more platforms of this kind appear on the market, which results in remarkable competitiveness. Such a situation is very beneficial for the customers because they are provided with many incentives encouraging them to use a particular website. Thanks to recommendation sites, there is no need to enter numerous online casinos and compare their offers – you have all the necessary information collected in a simple and understandable table. Moreover, if you need more elaborated opinions, many of such websites provide detailed reviews of gambling platforms as well.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN (a virtual private network) is a very useful tool that makes you more secure on the Internet. Namely, when you go online with it being on, the whole data traffic is transferred through an encrypted virtual tunnel. It used to be applied mostly on the computers of home office employees who could easily access the company’s system while not being at the headquarters. However, nowadays, it’s used for multiple purposes worldwide, as it provides you with lots of excellent opportunities.

First, you can enhance your online security in this way, because your IP and location will be invisible to everyone. It is because VPNs make you appear as if you were in a different place, even if it’s very far away. Another advantage of that fact is that you can gain more online freedom. You have probably been frustrated at least a few times when your access to a particular website, video, live transmission, etc. has been denied because of geographic licensing restrictions. With a VPN installed on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you just have to choose a location suitable for a particular activity on the Internet, and access it without any problems. It’s widely used for watching sport or cultural events, accessing streaming platforms (like HBO, Hulu, Netflix, or Crunchyroll), and many other aims. It makes the Internet more of an open space, without letting any geographical restrictions stop you from using particular websites in your region.

One of the most common uses of VPNs is also online gambling in countries where it can’t be officially practiced. As you have no possibility to visit land-based casinos in Tunisia, you may be willing to do it virtually. You can do it easily, but you should remember to mask your IP with a decent VPN, recommended for your country. The best virtual private networks to access online casinos in Tunisia are:

  • CyberGhost
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • PrivateVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Private Internet Access
  • PureVPN
  • Ivacy
  • Safer VPN

Deposit and Payment Options Available to Online Casino Players in Tunisia

In order to have a chance of winning real money while playing online casino games, first, you need to deposit certain funds to your account on a gambling website. When you win a game, your balance is increased, and when you lose, it is, analogically, decreased. If you need to withdraw the whole sum or a part of it, you are always free to do it.

One of the options to make your deposit is to use a VISA or MasterCard credit/debit card. However, in Tunisia, you may face some challenges associated with that. First, you should check if you are entitled to make international transactions with your card. However, even if the card is set up correctly, the Arab Tunisian Bank (ATB) may refuse to allow you to transfer money to an online casino account. Also, in some cases, gambling sites may not be provided with proper encoding to accept payments in Tunisian dinars.

However, you don’t have to worry about that because many alternative deposit and payment methods are available to you. For example, you can use e-wallets, such as Skrill or Neteller. After creating an account there, you can easily transfer money there, and from this moment on, your payments won’t be tracked by your bank. The funds stored there can be exchanged to a different currency, making it easy for you to make international online payments. Moreover, all of your winnings will be safely kept there, and you will be able to make payments on the Internet with them. In the case of Neteller, you can even have a physical Net+ card which should be accepted in all the places that allow using MasterCard (including stationery shops).

Fun Fact about Gambling in Tunisia

Despite the fact that officially the gambling opportunities are very limited in Tunisia, there is an interesting fact you should know about. Namely, in 2012, a Tunisian player named Imed Ben Mahmoud won the World Series of Poker tournament. He beat players from other countries, such as the United Kingdom and France, and got a prize of 190 216 dollars.

Why Is It Better to Gamble on the Internet

It doesn’t matter you can’t visit a land-based gambling facility in Tunisia because online casinos usually combine many more advantages. First, it’s less time-consuming and more convenient as you don’t have to travel anywhere and stick to a particular dress code. Also, there are no strict operating hours, so if you’re a night owl, you can freely play your favorite online casino games even in the middle of the night, staying comfortably at home in your pajamas. You can provide yourself with your favorite food or drinks as well, using the home supplies from your fridge, without the need to pay a lot for those offered in a bar in a land-based.

Additionally, gambling on the Internet doesn’t require high stakes from you. While traditional casinos may require quite a significant minimum amount of money to start playing, in case of an online casino, you’re often allowed to place smaller bets as well. This option can be excellent for beginners, or just careful players who prefer not to risk too much, even if it means they won’t win a lot of money.

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All in all, if you take all the essential precautions, you can enjoy gambling in Tunisia. The land-based facilities are open for foreigners only, and with documents being checked at the entrance, you can’t enter them. Nevertheless, you have a wide range of opportunities to do it online, so there is nothing to be sad about. It’s just advisable to use safe websites, recommended by experts for Tunisian players, and cover your actual IP address with one of the most effective VPNs. In online casinos, you can find many special offers and place lower bets if you don’t want to risk too much at the beginning. There are many casino games for you to choose from, both classic ones and those related to a particular region, so you have loads of possibilities!