Online Football Betting Guide

Football is by far the most celebrated sport on the planet with an estimated 3.5 billion fans worldwide. Just like many other countries around the world football is the most popular sport in Saudi Arabia. In fact, it’s not just popular Saudi Arabians are passionate about the sport and we love to watch it, play it and talk about it!

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While we are immensely proud of our national team who have played in the world cup five times we also love to follow football from all over the world.

With the huge amount of football events being held every day throughout the world, there are plenty of online bookmakers available where football gamblers can wager on all types of football games. Whether you wish to bet on Arab leagues or International, European, or the Premier League there are plenty of football betting sites to choose from. They also offer a wide range of different bets to place.

By the time you have finished reading this football betting guide, you’ll discover the best sites to play at, the types of bets you can place, and our top tips for football gamblers.

Online Football Betting Saudi Arabia

As you probably realize any form of gambling is prohibited in Saudi Arabia and the government restricts access to internet betting sites. If you are a football fan in Saudi Arabia, this obstacle can be circumnavigated by using a VPN [Virtual Private Network]. A VPN works by routing your internet connection to a server in another country allowing you to bypass geographic restrictions. Using a VPN will allow you to enjoy betting on football matches anonymously and privately from your computer or mobile device. VPNs require no special skills to set up and use so if you have limited computer skills it won’t be an issue.

There are hundreds of football betting sites on the internet most are English language but there are a few that are offered in the Arabic language. While these online bookmakers will accept players from Saudi Arabia most won’t accept Saudi Riyal instead you will usually have to deposit in US dollars, GB pounds, or Euros.

Remember you are taking a risk by gambling in Saudi Arabia so make sure that you keep your betting activities private. This is especially important if you are using a mobile device, we would advise against using it for any form of gambling in public places.

The Best Football Betting Sites

We have listed below some of the top online bookmakers that we recommend Saudi Arabian’s play at. These are all reputable sites and some support the Arabic language. If you want sites that offer fair odds and have an amazing selection of football and other sports betting options then check out our top picks below

888 Sports – One of the oldest in the business 888 were established in 1997 and as well as sports betting are known for their online casino and poker sites. They have a great user-friendly interface and some great bonus action for Arabic gamblers. They are regulated by the Gibraltar gaming authority and are listed on the London Stock Exchange, so they are a name to be trusted!

10Bet – Established in 2003 with a top-notch reputation amongst both their Arabic and International customers 10Bet have plenty of fantastic football betting action to get stuck into including superb live betting. They are licensed in Malta which is one of the most reputable gambling jurisdictions. They offer generous welcome offers and lots of promotions for existing football betting enthusiasts.

Bwin – Established in 2001 and licensed in Gibraltar we couldn’t leave Bwin of our list of football betting sites. As well as over 90 different sports to bet on they also have a fantastic online casino where you can play table games such as roulette and blackjack as well as slots and bingo. Bwin has a really great looking website and as with our other football betting site recommendations offer some awesome bonuses.

Betway – Established since 2006 with over 2 million customers worldwide this is a sports betting site that has longevity and trust on its side. It is licensed and regulated by both the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, two of the most reputable gaming jurisdictions in the world. Betway supports 17 different languages including an Arabic language site as well as Arabic customer Support.

1xBet – As well as being a trusted betting site regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority which is one of the most trusted worldwide they are probably one of the most friendly for Saudi Arabians. They offer an Arab language site and allow deposits in Saudi Riyal. They have a huge range of deposit and payment options that includes a number of different cryptocurrencies.

How To Deposit at Online Sports Betting Site

It’s very simple to deposit money at a sports betting site, just follow these simple instructions;

Choose a licensed and trusted online bookmaker such as one of the recommended sites that we discussed above and register an account, you will be required to input some personal details such as your email address and full name. Once you have completed the registration you will receive a confirmation message. You can then navigate to the site and complete your deposit details by choosing a payment method and the amount you want to fund your account with. You are now all set up and ready to experience the excitement of betting on football matches from all over the globe.

If you have wagered some money and have won your bets, congratulations! If you want to withdraw some funds it is very easy. Find the withdraw money option on the football betting site and decide on the amount and payment method you wish to withdraw with. Click the confirm button and withdraw your winnings. How long it takes for your money to arrive will depend on the individual sports betting site and the payment method you used.

Football Betting Available Payment Methods

All the best sports betting sites have a wide range of payment options to choose to fund your account but for Saudi Arabian gamblers, some options for funding your account might be safer than others.

Some of the options available to fund your account are by bank transfer, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, eWallets, and Cryptocurrency.

Payment methods such as credit and debit cards might be blocked and will certainly leave a footprint with your financial service providers having a record of your transactions as will wire transfer. We suggest using payment methods that offer more anonymity such as eWallets or Prepaid cards or Cryptocurrency.

eWallets are one of the best ways to fund a sports betting account and nearly all of them have Skrill and Neteller as payment options. eWallets are an intermediary method that you fund with a credit card, debit card, Bitcoin, or Wire Transfer. Once the eWallet is funded you can use it to deposit at a sports betting site.

As we mentioned before Skrill and Neteller are popular and trusted eWallets and are straightforward to fund and use. For the football betting site user who wants to stay anonymous cryptocurrency is probably the best option. The Only issue with using Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin is that not all sports betting sites have them as a payment option. You can always use Bitcoin to fund your Neteller or Skrill eWallet though.

How To Bet on Football

Every week there are thousands of football matches and markets that you can bet on. The online bookmaker will offer odds on the outcome of the game and it’s up to you how many matches and markets you bet on.

A betting market is a certain type of bet on a particular football match. We will discuss the popular bets that can be made soon but example bets could be on the result of the match, who scored the goal, amount of goals scored, and so on.

When you are on an online sports betting site you just need to find the football match that you are interested in and all the betting markets will be linked to it. Click on the market you want to bet on and it will show the odds, place a bet if you think they are fair and you have a chance of winning.

Understanding Online Football Odds

Odds are basically how likely something will happen in a particular set of circumstances. For instance, if you toss a coin the odds are 50/50 that it will land either heads or tails. In football betting, different odds will apply to the football matches betting outcomes.

Betting sites show these odds as either decimals or fractions.

Decimal Odds – Most most people would agree that the decimal format is easiest to understand. For instance, it is easy to see that 2.70 is greater than 2.20. To calculate how much your winnings are likely to be you just need to multiply your stake money by the decimal odds, stake $2 on odds of 2.70 would result in winnings of $5.40.

Fractional Odds – For many of us the last time we used fractions was at school. These are odds that are shown in the format 5/1 or 2/3 so for those examples if the betting odds were 5/1 for every $1 you staked you would get $5 back and for 2/3 for every $3 you stake you win $2.

Popular Types of Football Bets

In this section, we are going to look at some of the exciting and popular football bets.

1X2 Bet

Also known as a match bet and win-draw-win this is an easy wager to understand and probably the most common football bet placed. It basically covers three options for a full-time result: 1 The home team wins, X the match is a draw, and 2 the away team is the winner.

Double Chance

Similar to the 1×2 bet but you are betting on two outcomes but at the same time the odds are considerably lowered. So you can bet on a home team win or a draw, an away team win or draw and the home team or away team to win.

Draw no Bet

For this bet, you are wagering on a team to win the game outright if the result is a draw the bookmaker will return your stake.

Over Under Goal Betting

In this betting market, the bookmakers set a base of 2.5 goals and you can bet on one of two outcomes if there will be 3 or more goals or under 2.5 goals which would be anywhere between no goals, to 2 goals.

Correct Score

This one is self-explanatory: you bet on what you think will be the exact score at the end of the match. For instance, you stake that a football match between Liverpool vs Arsenal will result in a score of 2-1 and you predict the correct outcome you’ll win the bet.

These are just a few examples of the many football betting markets on offer, there are dozens more to play. There are so many exciting options that you can get carried away and spend your bankroll in no time so be careful and place your bets wisely.

Football Betting Tips For Beginners

Bankroll Management

You’ve probably heard it said before ‘only bet what you can afford to lose’ it’s pretty obvious right? But you’d be surprised at how many football bettors ignore this advice. They will either chase their losses or bet too much.

You should allocate a small percentage of your bankroll for each bet for instance if you had $1000 as your bankroll you could split this into 100 units of $10 each. This would be just 1% of your bankroll for each wager. You’ll find that most conservative football bettors will bet between 1-2% of their bankroll with the more aggressive bettors wagering 3%.

Using this method if your bankroll grows your bets will as well. Let’s assume that you start off with that $1000 bankroll and you manage to grow it to $1500 now your 100 units are worth $15 each so you can increase your stakes for each bet but still keep it to 1% of your bankroll.

Do Your Research

While there will always be an element of luck when it comes to the outcome of a football match, doing your research before placing any bets will increase your odds of winning. The internet has so many resources to find out the latest statistics and information about different teams and players. While instinct can get you so far good research is vital. Knowing which team has the most incentive to win, have any of the teams had top players suspended or injured, the history of previous matches, and so on. All this information is just a Google search away.

Stick to the Markets and Leagues you Know

With all the different teams and leagues and the different markets to bet on it’s easy to be like a kid in a toy shop. One of the best tips we can give you is to be consistent and stick to what you know. If you have an interest in the premiership league know the teams and players keep betting on that league. If certain markets are working out for you keep with what’s working. If you get distracted by all the other options and start betting on random leagues and markets you’ll end up with a light bankroll!

Don’t Bet with Your Emotions

Football fans have their favorite team or teams and won’t have a bad word said about them, win or lose. While it’s great to be loyal to a particular club when it comes to the world of football betting you need to keep your emotions in check. We’d say, yes have a punt on your favorite team from time to time but the best bets to place are on the teams that you have no emotional attachments to.

Don’t Bet on Friendly Matches

Friendly games are unpredictable, there are too many variables in the equation to warrant making a bet on them. You won’t know how much effort the teams are going to invest in the game. Many players, especially at the start of the season, will be extra careful to not get injured so they won’t be playing as hard. And these are the matches when teams play their reserve players and you didn’t expect it. There are so many games available to wager on where the teams are playing for higher stakes and more motivation so you are best to save your betting action for them.