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There is a huge difference between playing slots for real money and playing “just for fun”. Playing slots for free is considered to be a “testing stage” for any game – this is where you see if you like the game enough to bet any money on it. After all, some games draw you in with their graphics, sounds and storylines and you wan to keep on playing them. Other games, while super exciting for others, won’t excite you as much and you’ll probably regret putting those virtual coins into a slot, and will prefer to leave.

One thing is certain – all slot games in a casino are “real money” slots. Some slots won’t even give you an option of playing for free – although we recommend “testing the system” first. In order to play slots for real money, you have to open a casino account. While a lot of slots can be tested out and played on the official websites of game developers, you’ll be able to play for real money only on websites associated with online casinos.

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Playing for Real Money

In order to do this, you need to “log in”. This means opening an account with the casino you want to play at. How to pick the best online casino? Take a look at our list of the best casinos for real money slots – we have a lot of them, and the choices are truly astounding. Did you know that slots are the most popular gambling games in any casino? That’s right – a lot more people game the one-armed-bandit than choose to play cards, roulette or craps.

Get the Best Bonuses

This is a good thing because it means there’s a lot of competition out there. Not only between gaming software providers, but between casinos. Casinos want to stock up on the best online slot games out there on the market, but they also want to draw you in by giving you enticing bonuses.

These bonuses can include things like extra cash for playing but also – and this is the best part -free spins that you can use for experimenting on different slots. All casinos offer bonuses for signing up and especially for making your first deposit. But if you’re interested in slots only, you can check out who has the biggest amount of “free spins”.

Real Money Slots – List of Casino Slots

Here is a list of casino slots that are considered to provide the biggest “bang for your buck” factor. This means that they provide the most entertainment for the money that you spend. After all, playing online slots isn’t only for winning a jackpot.

A lot of rich people love gambling – and they don’t need the money. They do it for the thrill of it and for the fun of the game. You should concentrate on having fun as well, and the money might come in time. Your primary concerns should be: is this game thrilling enough, am I entertained, and am I excited?

We love online slots from a variety of different software suppliers – these games can also be found at multiple different casinos.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild

This is a game by the insanely popular NetEnt or Net Entertainment. This company blows most competitors out of the water when it comes to graphics and soundtracks, and they didn’t disappoint this time. NetEnt plays on the popularity of games that include jungle themes, as well as wild animal themes – and there are a LOT. The format of the game adds to the value factor because there are no paylines per se – only patterns. This is a relatively new way of doing this, and your goal is to get three icons in a row or a pattern in order to score a payout. The same rule applies to the “wild symbols” – as in, there aren’t any. You need to get special patterns and random animal features will trigger the same outcomes as a wild card. This game is truly wild! There are tons of free spin features here, each triggered by a special power animal. You can get up to 20 spins! Another amazing feature of this game that sets it worlds apart is that you can control the soundtrack, depending on your mood. You can get moody jungle sounds or wild and crazy drums. How do you want to gamble? It’s your choice!

Check out some of the amazing gameplay here:

The Book of Atem

This awesome game is by Microgaming and it’s another game that’s worth paying for. The exciting music, amazing graphics, and animations keep you entertained and in the game. This is a brilliant game with an Ancient Egyptian theme – mysterious music, symbols that drip in both gold and mystery, and a feeling that you are getting close to some amazing treasures. This game definitely scores high on the entertainment scale, and it provides you with a lot of extra “goodies” to keep you interested in the gameplay and eager to score more points. There are lots of free spins available here – getting 3 or more “Books of Atem” on your reels will get you ten free spins and when that happens – you can choose your own expanding symbol. Which one will be your lucky one? It’s incredibly hard to choose – but it adds to the draw of this game.

Look at the amazing animations and gameplay here:

North Storm by Rabcat Gambling, which is under the Microgaming umbrella of game development companies (they have affiliates and acquired companies around the world). Viking games seem to be mighty popular these days, and North Storm is a great example of that. Using the world of the Northern myths as a base, they go all out with frozen details, sound effects, and amazing wild gameplay.

Why Real Money Slots?

Gambling has all sorts of stigmas – sometimes the vision of a complicated poker table with a lot of people crowded around it and trying to bluff each other is too much to take for a beginner. Maybe you just don’t like cards? Or maybe you have watched too many Westerns where every card game ends with a shootout and you feel like the kind of gambling that’s often associated with smokey table games, whiskey, cigars and dark characters are just not for you?

Don’t worry – modern casinos are often the perfect picture of fun, luxury and posh customer service. There is nothing left of the “old days” of gambling – and if you’d like to try your luck without any complicated rules of table games, slots are right here waiting for you.

No Experience Needed

Slots are amazingly fun – that’s no secret. But they’re also the easiest casino game to play. Of course, if all you want to do is press “spin” or even set it on “auto-spin” and watch the gameplay out that’s fine. It’s a bit more fun when you read a bit about the special symbols of the game before you start – or any other special features you should look out for. It will make the whole game a lot more exciting and every “spin” will be something to look forward to.

Nothing beats slots when it comes to visual effects. A lot of the software providers that make these real money slots have at least some history and experience in the world of video games and apps. This makes them naturally concentrate not only on the payouts, real money, and gambling but also on the user experience, graphics, gameplay, and plot – that’s right! A lot of slot machines really do have a plot these days, complete with levels and a storyline.

So even if you’re the type of gamer that likes to play for real money but sets their game to “auto-spin” and doesn’t like to think about strategy, this is the one game that will do it all for you. The plot and the levels will be controlled by the amount of time you spend in the game, along with a combination of how lucky your spins happen to be.

This is a great combination of chance and dedication!

Advantages of Playing Real Money Slots

There are several advantages of playing for real money – the number one advantage is that if you play for real money you get to win real money.

There are no two buts about it. There is a well-known joke of a man praying to win the lottery. He would pray for this for years and years. Finally, he heard a voice from above: “Can you at least buy a lottery ticket?”. We have to help ourselves have a chance at winning – and we won’t have a chance unless we give ourselves a chance. The way to do that is to invest some money in the game.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try out slots for free before you commit – make sure you know which games you like the most!

Top Casinos To Play Real Money Slots

What are some of the top casinos to play? Here is a list of the real money casinos that we love and recommend. We love to play real money slots too, and our advice is gamer-to-gamer. These casinos will offer you insane bonuses once you sign up and make your first deposit – try signing up with no deposit to try out their free slots before you play for real money.

Check out our best VIP casinos as well – if you have time and money to gamble with and want to be treated like royalty when playing online slots, VIP casinos are there to make your experience personal and curated especially for your needs – this may include having a personal account manager who speaks your language!

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