Best Live Casino Sites in 2021

When you gamble online, you play in real-time. For real money. We all know that. But what is a live casino? Live casinos go a step further. It’s not about playing a great game all by yourself – it’s getting social and joining others in a game like Blackjack, Poker or Roulette at something that’s called a “live table”.

We absolutely love to interact and play live casino games, because we believe that gambling was meant to be social. When you look at the history of gambling (it is a very long history indeed!) you’ll notice that it always involves large groups of people, sitting together at card tables, enjoying themselves and conversing. It’s a social sport and something that people do during parties, social gatherings and in large scale luxurious settings. Live casinos might be the closest you can get to all of this when gambling online.

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Best online casinos 2021

What Is a Live Casino?

What is a live casino anyway? When you play slots, your bets are counted in real-time, and so is any progressive jackpot. In fact, you may see a message pop up on the casino screen every time someone scores a large win. This is just to get you excited! But is it considered a “live casino game”? Not really.

What we mean by “live” is the interaction that comes with playing against a live dealer, of course. There are millions of dollars spent every year on making these games more fun, realistic and interactive. Not only will the croupier lead the game in an entertaining way, call out your bets, and actually acknowledge you, but you can also get to know the dealer and have a conversation with them in a chat window.

You can monitor what’s going on around the table by controlling the camera angle – and there will be many different cameras available for you to choose from. The idea is to get the clearest, first-person view of the game. You get a better view than if you were sitting right there at the table, and what can feel like a lot more personal attention.

Even in some real-life casinos in major gambling hubs like Reno or Vegas, playing on a Video Poker or Blackjack screen with a holographic croupier can be played by multiple players. It’s a fun game, and the point of the interaction is to interact with the holograph. Live online games are the exact opposite of that. All the dealers are actually playing in real-time – there is no algorithm responding to your actions or AI created conversations. It’s all done live, and you’re a part of it.

This is a winning trend in 2021 – live gaming has been very successful across many different platforms, including gaming systems like Xbox. It’s better to play together, and know that there is a real live person on the other end of the screen, who’s having fun with you, trying to win and take a gamble, and enjoying casino games as much as you are.

What Is the Best Live Casino Software?

All games that are considered “the best” on the market have to have some solid software behind them. Behind every live online casino game, there are some of the best developers in the world, making sure that your experience is absolutely seamless, thrilling and you feel like you’re there playing the game in person. Not just anyone has the budget and the know-how to make live games work, and it certainly takes more than pointing a camera at a dealer.

Live casino software has to be a perfect blend of professionally trained dealers and the best software options in the business. There are a few companies that jump to the forefront of software development in this particular niche. Let us tell you a bit more about them, so you know the lingo when you start exploring these games on your own.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution is one of the best in the business when it comes to live gaming. It’s a relatively new company, but one that has become a clear trendsetter and market leader. The games are done in-studio in polished, professional settings, with extra visual effects. There are over 3,000 professionally trained dealers in their ranks, and they specialize in many languages. The languages represented are Arabic, Turkish, French, Russian, Danish and many others – and the croupiers are native speakers. They are constantly upgrading and trying new things. If you prefer to play games like Roulette in Arabic, you’ll be blown away by the details in Evolution’s live game system. They usually target players by countries and will add subtle highlights, like including the country flag colors or actually having a backdrop with pictures from that country. Since you are dealing with a native male or female host, they will be in tune with cultural and regional subtleties and etiquette. The friendly chat window will announce “Welcome to Arabic Roulette!” and wait for you to start some friendly banter. This is the most comfortable gaming experience we have ever encountered!


Net Entertainment is a huge name in game development, and most gamblers who have played online or in a brick-and-mortar casino will have heard of it. They have been around since 1996, in Sweden. they are famous for incredible video slots, with many licenses, themes, amazing soundtracks and a creative team that just about blows everyone else out of the water. They are pros at mobile gaming – and they have become market leaders in mobile live games. Their games can be easily changed between horizontal or vertical view without losing any game integrity. Their games are “shot” in a professional studio, and you have more chances to make the game truly interactive – it allows you to change screens, backgrounds and even some special effects. Arabic isn’t yet offered at their live tables, but if you speak Persian, French or English you’ll find something you can enjoy! Their other languages are: Greek, Flemish, Armenian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Danish, French, Swedish, German, Spanish, Turkish, Russian or Italian. If all else fails – playing at a foreign language casino can be a great opportunity to practice that new language you’ve been learning in your spare time!


Microgaming has long been the king of what’s considered to be the best Poker software for online gaming. Microgaming is also great at designing new live Poker, Roulette, Video Poker, Red Dog and Baccarat. They are proud of a lot of features in their live gaming software, like recorded gameplay, dedicated tables (where no one else plays with you – it’s just you and the dealer.) They have many different themed game rooms, like the famous Playboy live casino. They are a favorite of many because their progressive jackpot network tends to get huge and give out mind-boggling winnings. They have paid out over 1 billion Euros to date. They have more and more native live tables, and they seem to be chasing Evolution’s tail when it comes to variety. Still, no native Arabic speakers as of yet. You’ll have to stick with Evolution for that.

The Best Casino Sites in Saudi Arabia and other Arab Countries

Now that we know a bit about software providers, let’s look at some amazing places where you can try some live casino games. We offer an ever-changing choice of casinos that have live tables, and here are some of our absolute favorites when it comes to online casinos that Saudi Arabian players enjoy.

It’s refreshing to be able to play casino games that were designed with you in mind – this is not only true for Saudi Arabia but other Arab countries as well. Here are some casinos we recommend for our Arab players if they’re playing in Saudi or other Arabic speaking locations:

How to Get Started With Live Casino Games

Here is where it gets a bit tricky – you won’t enjoy playing a live casino game if your internet speed is lagging, slow, or if you’re using that iffy internet connection from the nearby Starbucks. It’s best to get started at home, or where you know the internet connection won’t let you down. Below are the recommended speeds for an absolutely optimal online casino experience in live gaming:

  • Maximum allowable ping rate – 100-150 ms
  • Minimum upload speed – 1 Mbps
  • Minimum download speed – 3-6 Mbps

You should be safe and ready to go once you are sure that you have good internet access. The whole point of the experience is to watch the live performance of a game and be able to bet real-time with the croupier. It won’t be any fun if you’re lagging!

When you enter a live casino, you can take your pick of the table that looks the most promising. A lot of “newbies” will head to a table they can see is empty. We know – you want to escape embarrassing yourself and playing live casino games at the same table as the pros can get a bit intimidating. But don’t worry. Once you practice one-on-one with the dealer, you’ll become sure of yourself.

Because the best casinos out there pride themselves on superb customer service, you can be sure that you will be treated with patience and respect – no matter how new you are. It might even be a good idea to mention “I’m a beginner!” to the dealer. They’ll go slow and maybe even explain a thing or two. Of course, when you’re starting out, the biggest advantage on your side is beginner’s luck. We don’t know how it works, but beginners always seem to get a lucky break! Even at an online casino!

Popular Live Casino Games

Live Roulette

This game is popular for the pros and beginners alike. It’s straight forward, and it looks so posh! It’s the game you always see in movies like James Bond, with men dressed in tuxedos gathered around the table, watching the wheel spin with excitement. If you’re going to win big, Roulette certainly seems like it would be one of those casino games that bring in the money.

When choosing the right live Roulette table for you, you can see how many people are participating and fit the host or hostess that suits your taste best. The online Roulette hosts usually dress to the nines, and many software providers will actually have a full-on make-up changing room in the gaming studios just for them. It’s a bit like Hollywood.

As with real-life Roulette, you can choose from a few versions of the game. There’s American Roulette, and European Roulette, Casino Roulette, and Rapid Roulette. American and European are the two main types of Roulette found in online casinos.

European Roulette is the mother or all Roulettes – the game actually has its beginnings in France. Numbers range from 0 to 36. Your odds are 1 in 37. The placement of the numbers is completely random, unlike American Roulette, where the numbers are in a special sequence. The European version of Roulette is more formal and includes more formalities as well as special rules.

American Roulette – the odds are slightly lower than European Roulette because this version includes the extra 00 pocket. So you have two zeros and one zero. The odds are 1 in 38. In both American and European Roulettes, you 35-1 for a win. This, of course, is bound to happen not as often on the American Roulette Wheel. The American Roulette house edge is greater – it swings between 5,26% and 7. The European house edge stays at 2.7 percent. Why in the world would anyone play American roulette? We have asked people about this before, and most of the answers sound like this: “Because it’s the only kind of Roulette I have had access to.” Did you know that even when you visit a world-class gambling capital like Las Vegas, there are only a handful of roulette tables that give you access to the single-zero version? And even then it’s at exclusive tables or tables located in VIP lounges that most people might not have access to. After people play “American style” Roulette all their lives, it’s a bit hard to switch. And gambling is full of strange rituals and superstitions. This is why American Roulette is still widely available in online casinos – people want to stick with what they know.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is our favorite beginner game. It’s very simple – and user-friendly. You also get a big chance to win and can walk away with quite a pretty stack of chips even if it’s your first try. When you join a live Blackjack casino, you will see almost the same exact thing you would see when walking into a brick-and-mortar casino.

The rules are very easy. This is probably why it’s a very popular beginner game. You don’t have to concentrate on complicated rules and nuances, only on the fun of the game, and the social interactions – which is what a live casino is all about!

The point of the game is to find the absolute sweet spot – between the number 21 (if you get higher you loose) and what the dealer gets. So the point of the whole game is, basically, to beat the dealer – not to score the highest. It’s the perfect game of chance, and the feeling of satisfaction tends to be a lot more personal than just pushing “play” on video slots. At least for those who like to feel like they’re in control.

Card values are the actual values on the card. So, a 2 is 2, and a 6 is 6. This is the case with cards 2 through 10. When it gets to face cards, they are valued at 10. The Ace is a Joker card of sorts – it can either be a 1 or an 11, depending on what you need at the moment. If you go over the value of 21, your hand is “bust” and you lose the game. The rounds take a short time – the game moves along very quickly. It’s the perfect game that keeps you interested and excited, with enough time for some friendly banter with the dealer.

If you’re an absolute beginner, it’s good to let the dealer know in the chatbox. Your odds won’t get any better, but you’ll definitely gain some friendly encouragement and understanding. People who play Blackjack often tend to make their moves and understand the lingo at lightning speeds. New players need a little warm-up before they “get it”. But don’t worry – you’ll be playing those Blackjack tables like a pro in no time!

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