Best Casino Games for Android in 2021

Android is a perfect platform for online gaming and gambling. Did you know that the company was first developed in 2003 with the sole intention of developing operating systems for digital cameras – this project soon grew and began competing with operating platforms like windows of iOS. It’s appropriate because casino games these days are all about the visuals, especially if you’re playing on your phone.

These days, gambling on your phone has become more of a norm than an outlier. Why? It’s simply more convenient. You have your phone on you at all times anyway. We do our shopping, dating, read our news, bank, sell stocks, exercise, check the weather and listen to e-books all with the help of our phones. If you think about it, why would we gamble anywhere else?

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Best online casinos 2021

A casino designed for Android is an online casino that can be played using a phone that operates on the Android system. This can be a Samsung, Huawei, Google phone, LG, HTC, Sony, Meizu, Motorola, Nokia, Nextbit, HMD Global, OnePlus, Panasonic and Xiaomi, Phew! This list is very long – so if you have any type of phone other than an iPhone. Most casino games are designed for other systems as well.

Of course, there are other phones that don’t have either Android or iOS, and they are Nokia/Microsoft Lumia which runs on Windows, and even some Blackberry devices (remember those?) run on BlackBerry OS – some people prefer this because they claim it provides higher security. We’re not sure about that, and we don’t know any software developer that actually makes casino games exclusively for BlackBerry.

Best Casino Games for Android in 2021

So what are the best games you can play on your Android system? Here is a short breakdown of our favorite casino games that are simply thrilling if you have this Google-based platform.

Slot machines have come a long way from a one-armed-bandit with only a few symbols. What makes slots incredible to play on an Android system is the amazing graphics, the quick interaction and the mind-blowing sounds you can tune into. Android systems have cutting-edge graphic possibilities, and you can watch the games come alive on your screen. Here are some of our favorite game developers, game packages and games for Android:

Hana Games – Hana games can be downloaded in your Google Play store, just like any other Android App. Their slots feature classic slots, and themed slots like Pirate’s Way, Bingo Casino, Panda Slot, Forest Lady, Alice in Magic World and Candy Story. They have many other themed games you can download as well.

Big Fish Games – here is an awesome “freemium” service – which means it’s free to play unless you want to get the premium option. This way, you can test it out and play for free until you actually want to gamble. Available through Google Play.

World Series of Poker – now here is one of the most awesome Android games ever put to the small screen. This is one of the most popular games out there. eCogra certified it’s full of amazing graphics, powerful music, and exciting personas.

Advantages of Playing Casino Games for Android

The Android platform makes mobile gaming possible (unless you are using iOS of course) It’s what keeps the mobile world going. Just a few years ago, Android had 81.7% of the market share, and iOS had only 18%. That’s an incredible number, considering that most of the internet is geared towards mobile searches. This also goes for online casino games.

If you’re still sitting down to play with your desktop, consider the advantages of mobile games for Android.

They keep you social on the go – you don’t have to join a complicated chat with a friend or write a lengthy email. Some social interactions are meant to be simple, light and fun. This is exactly the kind of social interaction you get through online gaming. An android device makes it simple to log on, play a few friendly games, exchange a few pleasantries with the dealer and run along to your next engagement. Maybe you’re on the phone and you’re on hold? Or waiting in a traffic jam?

Convenience – it’s a whole ordeal to sit down, turn your computer on, wait for it to boot, and not move from one spot for a long time. When you’re on your Android mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet, you can take it with you wherever you go. It doesn’t even have to be anywhere ambitious – no one is telling you to gamble while running a marathon (although there’s the possibility…) It might be as simple as curling up with a hot mint tea on the couch and playing a few fun slots or getting lost in a social game of live roulette while on vacation.

You don’t have to go anywhere – let’s face it… after a long day at work, or if you’re at home battling an illness (hopefully nothing too serious), you’re in no mood and in no shape to go outside. You want some exhilarating entertainment right here, and you want to have your adrenaline rush without having to go outside. And online gambling gives you a gigantic adrenaline rush!

Free games – if you want to download some great Android slots or other casino games, and even if you just want to test them out in the casino – there are always free options that you can test out before you commit to making your first deposit. These free games are a huge advantage to online gaming. No real brick-and-mortar casino will offer you that!

Money – Hey, we forgot to mention that winning money is also a big part of gambling. In fact, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? When you gamble, your adrenaline rises, you get excited – you’re living life! And sometimes, you score big and win a ton of money like casino games! Think about it – all other forms of online entertainment, be it Netflix or any premium service, don’t offer you a chance to win money. So, if you look at gambling as entertainment, it’s more worth it than anything else.

How to Play an Android Casino Game

There’s no tricks or mystery to playing on an Android device – there are people who commit their lives to make your experience as smooth as possible – they’re called UX designers, and casinos employ armies of them. Their job is to make your experience seamless and intuitive, so you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out how to get your game to work. The whole experience will guide you and prompt you, from the moment you decide to test out a free game, to the moment you open an account.

In most online casinos that offer games for Android, you have to register first. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make a deposit into your account. All you have to do is register – sometimes, the casino will even have a special bonus for people who register and provide you with some funds on your account. This way, you’ll be able to do a little game testing and see what kind of casino games are worth playing. Maybe you want to try something completely new? If you’re not a slot player, you’ll most likely get some free spins, with a chance to test out cutting edge slots and themes that you’ve been curious about.

This is the funniest part for beginners – you’re not actually stressing about gambling with real money, just about testing out and learning the game. This is best for when you’re trying to learn games like Blackjack, Poker or Roulette. This takes some practice to become confident. After all, when it comes to card games, they’re only fun when you’re feeling confident like a boss! Getting free money to play with is your chance to practice your technique and skills, as well as your confidence in the game.

Types of Casino Games for Android

There are many types of casino games you can play on your Android device. They are:

Live casino games – these are great for the modern platform. Did you know that when playing a live game you can actually control your point of view, switch between tables quite easily, and pick the dealer that you like best? These are a great reason to come and try out how capable your phone or tablet is of performing with the new kinds of gambling software available on the market.

Slots – we talked about these at length already and we recommend any mobile device owner to try this exciting game. This is also a great way to take a trip back in time and play some classic slots, like the three-reel one arm bandit type, with all the classic sound effects. They’re not as advanced and crazy themed as the new 5 reel, high tech slots, but they will take you back to how Vegas might have sounded like in the 1960s! Slots are all about role-playing and storytelling. Some of them will even have a storyline built into them, so the more you play the more of the plot gets revealed to you. These involved slot games are some of our most favorite games, something worth dedicating your time to!

Online Dice – While dice are the oldest form of gambling in the world, they have joined the online casino market with grace and with a lot of style. When using your mobile device, you can play dice games like Craps – either socially and live, or through simple software that doesn’t involve any real people but you.

Roulette – roulette is one of those games that doesn’t quite have a category for itself – it’s not cards or dice. But it’s one of the most recognized, posh and high-class casino games out there. Most people will recognize roulette from movies about the upper class in places like Monte Carlo, or prestigious VIP gambling rooms, with beautiful women leaning over the wheel and moving the chips from place to place. Roulette has been the star of many movies and books, and we know you’ve been wanting to try to play it yourself! Online casinos give you that chance, and you will get comfortably guided through each level, even if you’re a beginner. In fact, if you’re unsure of yourself but want to start playing, you can pick a table with only a few players or where you have the dealer only for yourself. Get ready for a game of luxury!

Sports Betting – Sports betting is a form of gambling that has the most relaxed laws all over the world. Even in countries that strictly ban any form of gambling, sports betting seems to be the one thing that is legal and not taboo. Betting on football, horse racing or hockey is possible at some online casinos.

Bingo – bingo is very popular with the seniors in both Europe and North America, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be incredibly fun and profitable to play. And on most systems, Bingo can be played without the old-time interface. Did you know bingo can be made into an exciting El Dorado type game or basically any type of graphic you want? You can easily find what suits you here.

Baccarat – This is an old game of nobility and was invented in France – like most posh table games were. There’s a trend here because gambling was an extremely popular way to pass the time before the French revolution. They gambled a lot and for extremely high stakes. While it didn’t end so great for them, you can still gamble in style and play Baccarat in your online casino made for Android.