Mobile Blackjack

If you’re a fan of Blackjack then you’re in good company. This is one of the best casino games you can pick, even if you’re a beginner. If you’re a more experienced player, Blackjack offers you a chance to become a true master and learn various techniques and even card counting tricks. This game is ideal for people who like to think about strategy, but also enjoy a simple and straightforward game.

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Taking Your Game of Blackjack With You

Playing mobile Blackjack allows you to take the casino with you wherever you go. When you play Blackjack using your mobile device you can take part in a game with an algorithm, or with an actual real person! This is an amazing chance to be social, even if you’re far away from other people. Live Blackjack at online casinos gives you a chance to chat with the dealer, test your strategy and to play with other people. It’s an amazing experience – and if you’re ready for something more in-depth than slots or the lottery, this is the perfect table game to get you started.

Playing Blackjack for With Real Money or With Bonus Money

You can play Blackjack for real money – unfortunately, in live Blackjack, there are no “free spins” – but if you open an account at a casino, even if you don’t make a deposit right away, you will be given a certain amount of free cash to play with. This is the perfect opportunity to play without betting any cash, in order to learn the game’s finer points and to experience the live Blackjack table. You can take this opportunity to discover what kind of dealers or software you like most. After all, they’re all made to appeal to different tastes. You might like a serious business-only dealer, while others might prefer a whimsical person who is dressed up in a bunny suit! Maybe you want to practice your Spanish or French while playing Blackjack in different languages? And since this is the internet and anything is possible, you get a LOT of choices!

What is Mobile Blackjack

When you walk into a casino, there are a lot of Blackjack games going on at once. Often, there will be multiple tables, with different rules. This works in the same manner at an online casino. You will see multiple tables with different dealers, and different rules and buy-ins. You just have to walk up and choose which one you like the most.

Here is an example of the game – live Blackjack preview from the game provider NetEnt. You can hear background noise, like in a real casino – these are all the other dealers in what’s called a “game studio”. These professionals come to work and get ready in professional dressing rooms, and come out to the gaming floor to deal cards and provide you with amazing entertainment!

Are Your Odds Better When Playing Mobile Blackjack

Why, yes they are! Blackjack has long been known as the game with the best odds. The fewer decks the dealer uses the better your odds get. Of course, at casino Blackjack games, the dealer will use 4 to 8 decks. Your odds are a lot better than playing mobile slots. You have to be a little bit more involved in the game than just playing slots, of course.

It’s a well-known fact that Blackjack has the best chances of winning – and the slimmest house edge in any casino game, even when it comes to mobile games.

Although Blackjack is an easy game, you have to spend some time getting comfortable with it and reading the rules. If you only have a few minutes or don’t want to commit a lot of time to “testing” a game, here are the basic rules to get started:

Basic Blackjack Rules

If we were to explain the whole game in 2 minutes or less, here it is:

  • You have to get cards that are equal to 21 or less.
  • Face cards are 10 points
  • Aces are either 10 or 1 – whatever is best for you – you choose your value
  • The contest is between you and the dealer – whoever gets closer to 21 win
  • If you go over 21 you lose
  • Indicate you want more cards by saying “hit me” or pressing “hit” or “draw” – in a live casino, there are hand gestures that go with these requests.
  • To hold your hand you say “hold” or press a “hold” button or icon
  • Say how much you’re betting before each hand

That’s it! Of course, there’s a lot more finesse and other “side rules” to this game, but if you don’t want to bother with them for now, these rules will get you playing and enjoying the game. If you want to know more and see some helpful tutorials on how to play the game, come to our main Blackjack page and explore some of the game’s history, in-depth rules, and even download the Blackjack Basic Strategy sheet.