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When the first online casinos started popping up in the 90s, everybody knew it was going to be the start of something absolutely incredible. And it was! Gambling is as old as civilization itself, and online gambling was the most natural thing to happen when people gained wide access to the web. In fact, a lot of countries can thank local gambling for making their laws laxer. There is no stopping human nature, it seems.

The first online games were introduced by none other than Microgaming – a software supplier that remains one of the best in the industry, and regularly releases some of the best online gambling games in the world. They are featured in almost every respected online casino. Of course, 30 years ago, the gambling interface looked a bit different. The internet was slow compared to now. Maybe some of you remember having to “dial-in” and blocking your phone line, or having to go to an internet cafe? Or simply not having access to the internet until fairly recently?

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Saudi Arabia was a bit late to the party, with the early internet being confined to use at educational facilities. The internet became widely available in 1999 and grew rapidly in the first decade 2000s. Let’s face it – most people don’t remember the times before there was any internet, simply because Saudi Arabia is such a young country.

The online gambling industry exploded incredibly quickly – it’s no wonder since there is such a huge market for it. In 1996 there were only 15 pioneering online casinos open for business. Only a year later, there were over 200.

Like with every cutting-edge technology and a business that was considered somewhat of a taboo, there came a lot of legal problems, especially in the US. But like many other taboos, gambling turned out to be easier to regulate than to ban. Why? People are going to do it no matter what, especially with open access to the internet, VPNs and other encryption tools. The United States gave up and decided that letting people gamble was easier than trying to control something that people did in private. The followed the path that most European lawmakers chose already.

This left the doors wide open for innovation. With the legal gates blown open, software developers from Australia, Europe, and the US started the never-ending competition for first place in having the absolute best online casino games in the world. There are over a hundred online casino software providers out there today – some are older and well-established, and some are just beginning to find their footing in the market. We love to play new games and want to provide you with the newest and most exciting, as well as the more classic and established online slots and card games.

Online casino technology changed completely when mobile devices became popular. You haven’t chained to your computer anymore – you could put an entire casino in your pocket and gamble anywhere – the beach, your car, your friend’s house, or even your mother in law’s house. Provided your mother in law has fast internet. A lot of mobile games require higher speeds because of the high-quality graphics, and live casinos or live table games are exactly how they sound like – live! This means you need to have fast internet speeds in order to observe the action, place your bets in a fast-paced environment without any lag, and to interact with the dealer.

What’s the Difference Between an Online Casino and a Mobile Casino?

A mobile casino IS an online casino. But some casinos are simply better at catering to their mobile users. They will have graphics that don’t look awkward on the small screen, and they will put a lot of effort into mobile-friendly UX design. Mobile casinos are easier to navigate and use on a device like your phone or tablet.

To Download Or Not To Download?

If you’re looking to leave no trace of gambling on your mobile device, use VPNs and encrypted payment methods, it’s probably only natural that you play at no-download casinos. This way, if your phone gets lost or stolen, there will be no trace of gambling on your device.

A downloadable casino will have a downloadable application – and just like with any application you have to register after you download it. A major downside of this is that if someone accesses your phone, they are likely to access your downloaded casino too.

On the other end of the spectrum are click-and-play mobile casinos. Here, all you have to do is open a browser window to play, and once you close the window there will be no trace of you ever being on if you know how to hide your history and browse in private. Of course, when playing at a no-download, or “instant-play” mobile casino you also have to create an account and register.

What’s the best example we can give? It’s kind of like checking your email. You can either go into the browser window, go to your email provider, log in and check your email. Or you can click on your email icon and instantly access your email inbox through the email app. Same with casinos!

Of course, when you decide to use a downloadable casino app, you will have easier one-step access to your favorite games. You will also be completely sure that all the games are mobile-friendly because an application like a mobile casino app was designed to be used on your device. When you’re dealing with no-download casinos, you might encounter some games that aren’t as good to play on a phone or tablet. The good news is that these days, all new games are developed with mobile devices in mind, simply because this is how people want to play. After all, it’s the same with any type of internet browsing lately. The mobile device has become our main way of interacting with the online world.

Best Mobile Casinos

We have recommendations of the best mobile casinos out there – we love to gamble and our recommendations come from a place of experience. We look for mobile casinos that have the best interface, the most thrilling game choices supplied by top-of-the-line software providers. Here are some of our recommendations:

How to Play at an Online Casino on Your Mobile Device

If you want to enter an online casino through your mobile device, the steps are easy. They are a bit different depending on if you want to download an app or play directly, of course.

If you want to play directly, all you have to do is pick a casino from our list of trusted online casinos. If you feel intimidated by starting an account right from the get-go, don’t worry. Take your time to read about the casino, see what licenses they have, what games they offer – and you can even test-play for free. If you want to register, you can do so without making your deposit.

A lot of casinos will offer you free money when you register – it’s an invitation for you to play and test out their games. But don’t think you can actually earn money by opening multiple accounts and collecting the “free money” – all online casinos have particular wagering requirements and rules that prevent you from doing that. You have to use the money for gambling – and even if you win big, make sure you read the wagering requirements for withdrawing money won by betting free bonus money. Either way, it’s a gift meant to let you play and experiment to see which games you like most.

After you feel comfortable at a casino and want to play more, you can make your first deposit. This is very fun and rewarding because all casinos will offer you some sort of a deposit bonus. They will usually match your first deposit with a percentage – they can range anywhere from 50% to 200%. In some amazing cases, you will end up with more than twice the amount of money that you have deposited. Again, this is money that you will have to bet a few times before withdrawing. The point is to make you experiment with a lot of different casino games than you would usually try with your own money.

If you feel uncomfortable browsing casinos on your phone or the filter settings get the best of you, you should definitely switch to using a VPN before you go on a casino site. This way, you will be sure to have more privacy while gambling, and you won’t have to worry about having access to any online casino that you want. We talk in length about what a VPN is and how to access an online casino with a VPN right here.

What Games Can You Play At a Mobile Casino?

When playing at an online casino, your possibilities are pretty much endless. Because of internet speeds and games that are built with the mobile player in mind, you can play any game you want. There are a few categories you should know about if you’re just beginning your gambling adventure. Even if you consider yourself a pro, you should take the time to explore other gaming possibilities that you might not know about.

Mobile Slots

Slot machines were first invented in the 1800s, in California. It’s only natural that something so famous to all gamblers is associated with adventure and the Gold Rush. Slots went through a lot of stages of evolution over the past century. From simple mechanical one-armed-bandits to complicated curved screens with 3D graphics and incredible soundtracks and themes. They have been the hallmark of casinos for a long time. For many, they still define what Vegas “sounds like”. The clanging and ringing of a classic slot machine are nostalgic to a lot of gamblers who love to visit exclusive gambling spots like Monte Carlo, Reno or Vegas. Even when you enter a mobile online casino, you can pick a classic version of the slots that have all the classic symbols – the Liberty Bell, the Bar Symbol, Fruits and Lucky Sevens.

In an online casino, slot games are probably the most prominently advertised. Why? They’re probably the most visually pleasing and exciting to play on a platform like a tablet or a phone. You can play on your own, it doesn’t take any interaction and although the rules are similar from slot game to the slot game, you can explore different themes, worlds, and bonuses. Different games will offer different progressive jackpots, different bonuses and different tricks of the trade. Don’t think that if you tried one you’ve tried them all – nothing could be further from the truth!

There are also different types of slots – although most of them have 5 reels to spin, some of them will have the classic 3, and some will have more. Every reel will have roughly 20 symbols, and the more reels the more combinations are possible. Classic machines had only one payline, but now they have many more. There are so many paylines these days that it’s hard to keep track of them when a spin happens. Most of the time when you win and score, it will be on a surprise payline you didn’t even think existed! Or maybe it’s just us?

Card Games

Texas Hold’em, Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat are still well and alive in online casinos. They are considered classic casino card games – in fact, some brick-and-mortar casinos only have card games available.

Poker – The origins of Poker can usually be traced to 17th century France (a lot of gambling games are!). Some people are convinced that its origins lay deeper- in the Persian game of As-Nas. In fact, many people have their own theories where Poker comes from, and a lot of these theories make sense. The game didn’t begin to be a household name until Poker tournaments were started and televised – in fact, you can watch them live in a lot of countries. Poker is a trendy game, and like many others, this trend was born in California. The game changed a bit to be more player-friendly, and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act passed in Congress – poker rooms started to pop up across the country, and the rest is history. Online gaming brought the second boom to the business. There’s been a growing trend thanks to the availability of live poker, the popularity of tournaments, and the awesome graphics that non-live games provide. We predict it’s only going to get better!

Texas Hold’em – or Texas Holdem, is just another one of many variants of Poker. It was invented in Texas, in the early 1900s. The first casinos that featured Texas Hold’em were the Golden Nugget, Stardust and Dunes. This was way back in the day when the Golden Nugget was the only casino in Las Vegas, and Poker was considered a “man’s game”. In fact, some of the Poker playing greats at the time called it “a thinking man’s game” because it involves more strategic thinking than regular Poker. No wonder it’s the most popular form of Poker today! So if you don’t know this awesome variation on the popular card game, come into one of our most recommended casinos and check out their tutorials and join in the game!

Blackjack – this is probably one of the easiest, laid back card games that you will play. It also comes with some of the best odds. The point is to keep on receiving cards from the dealer, but don’t get your score above 21. So you have to stop at the right moment. This involves some lucky guessing. But that’s not entirely the whole point of the game. You see, the dealer is trying to do the same thing, and the point is to get a higher score than the dealer, but still fit under the 21 mark. Aside from some more involved rules and terms, this is pretty much all you need to know about Blackjack. While not exactly a complicate strategy game like Texas Hold’em, this game will prove to be entertaining and fun!

Baccarat – French nobility enjoyed Baccarat in the 19th century (no surprise there!) – it was considered a card game for the upper classes. But it was made popular in the modern age by American tourists in the posh hotels of 1940s Havana. This is not the most popular or the easiest of games, but you’ll get your money’s worth even if you don’t win. With hit’s many rules and fun tricks, it’s simply a very fun game to play!

Dice and More

Roulette – This is probably one of the greatest casino games to be portrayed in spy movies or any sort of movie that involves a casino. It’s simply beautiful to look at, and the betting process is very visual. It’s no secret that you can find some of the most beautiful dealers at the Roulette tables, both online and offline! The game involves betting on which pocket the white ball will land after the dealer spins the wheel. There are two major kinds of Roulette that you can play in an online casino – American and European. The European Roulette has slightly better odds because of the number of pockets on the wheel. It has one less than American Roulette. This is because American Roulette has double zeros (00) in addition to the single 0 pocket. While the European rules are more popular, American Roulette still finds aficionados and fans.

Craps – this is a dice game, not what you generally think of when thinking of an online casino. Gambling with dice is one of the oldest forms of gambling in the world, across many cultures. Did you know that the first dice were made with animal knucklebones, and in a lot of cultures the word for “dice” literally means “bones” to this day? In modern times, this game is a lot more civilized and you can often see it happening at luxurious and crowded tables in VIP lounges of casinos around the world.

Live Tables

Live tables are getting better and better, along with faster internet speeds and better mobile interfaces. This is what gambling is all about – the friendly banter, the thrill of being social and sitting at a table with people who love it as much as you do. It’s interacting with the dealer and being with people! But how are you supposed to do that online without it being awkward?

In a live casino, you can actually cross the border between fantasy, algorithm, and reality and walk up to any gambling table you want. Playing a live game means playing in real-time. If you’re used to playing casino card games with an algorithm and not a human, you might be used to flashy graphics and animations. This is a lot different because you are being dealt with real cards by a real dealer. It’s an amazing new level of social interaction that some say is even better than going into a real brick-and-mortar casino. It’s because there’s more choice! You can pick any table you want, choose from hundreds of professional dealers and still have your privacy. After all, they can’t see you, but you can see them. You can choose from dealers you like the most. If you find a dealer boring or you don’t enjoy their conversation, you can go ahead and try another one without feeling the guilt – everything here happens with one click and it’s a bit like entering a chat room. Remember to check if your internet speeds are good enough for live-action!

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