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Welcome to the UAE – and the most diverse economy in the Arab world. Dubai ranks fifth when it comes to tourism anywhere in the world, and where there is a huge influx of diverse cash, there will always be a bit of gambling that follows. This is a country that is a powerful magnet for businesses and investments from all over the world.

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You can say that the whole city of Dubai is a gamble a great example of “build it, and they will come”. And come they have – Dubai is now a world-famous business hub. There are a lot of other places that you may think you can gamble – but think again! Although the UAE is home to world-famous camel racing events (and increasingly so Arabian horse racing) you can’t actually bet on either when you’re here.

What you can do is to log into a racing-friendly online casino via a VPN network, and place your online bet there! Read on about different kinds of gambling games and what some of your best options for online betting entertainment. – you’ll be surprised to learn that online gambling as taken the region by storm. It’s no surprise, as gambling in successful countries where the markets are diverse and vibrant has always been a popular pastime.

And when brick-and-mortar casinos aren’t available people always turn to online gambling instead – you might not be able to visit a casino in person, but at least you get more choice in your gambling selection, from card games to slots and sports betting, all in one convenient place.

The Best Online Casino Sites in the United Arab Emirates

There are a lot of online casinos that cater to the crowd from the UAE, and although a lot of them are in English, there are a lot of sites that are made especially for the audience from the Emirates and other Arab nations. Online casinos have never been more popular here and in the whole world – thanks to the rapidly developing technology that doesn’t only offer exceptional cutting edge graphics, but also competitive live online gambling – Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and other table games are all the rage in the UAE.

Online gambling sites have some of the best choices for different forms of gambling

History and Future of Horse and Camel Racing in the UAE

Gambling Law in the United Arab Emirates is still strict, although some people insist that it’s on the cusp of changing. There are a lot of theories about this but so far, the only place you can have access to classic casino options is by entering an online casino. When it comes to races like horse riding and camel racing, in order to participate in betting on the country’s favorite sport, it has to be done online through a VPN.

People in the UAE love racing of any kind of race. There is car racing, horse racing (in a 2 billion dollar ultimate Meydan Race Course), camel racing, and most recently – drone racing. It’s worth mentioning that the Meydan Racecourse is the biggest and most luxurious racecourse in the world. It hosts many events that can be viewed from its mile-long grandstand. This racecourse is built to be one of the world’s wonders of construction.

Horse Racing

There is no talking about the future of horse racing in the UAE without mentioning the Dubai Luxury Racecourse – Meydan. This is is the world’s leading racing venue – there is simply nothing like it in the whole world. It has a hose racing museum, an entertainment and conference center along with a luxury hotel – take a look at some of the prices during a race night:

Corporate Suite – 5 million USD

Racecourse side room – 3 thousand USD

This gigantic racing center includes a golf course as well as top of the line restaurants. This venue is so futuristic, so huge and otherworldly that it was actually used during the filming of Star Trek Beyond as a docking bay for the legendary and gigantic U.S.S. Enterprise. It’s not hard to imagine how a space like this could actually hold a giant space ship.

Gambling on Horse Races

When it comes to gambling – it’s clear that when you have a crowd of international VIPs and some of the world’s finest racing horses in one place, betting is going to take place. But how can you bet in a country where gambling is prohibited? If you happen to be watching a riveting race at Meydan, you better whip your phone out and get to a betting site through a VPN to place your bets in an online casino.

Some other horse racing events of the Arab world include:

  • Emirates Derby
  • Turf Run Dubai
  • Dubai Shaimaa Classic Tour
  • The Dubai World Cup

Camel Racing

Let’s leave the world of horse racing for a bit and return to the UAE’s most beloved form of racing – camel races. Emirati culture and traditions have included the camels since ancient times. They provided transportation, wool, and made life in the desert easier – some even say that it wouldn’t be possible without them. Today, camels are one of the most beloved animals in the country.

In the past, camel races would be a social and political thing – races were organized between Emirates and would follow natural courses. This is much different from today – there are over 15 camel racing tracks in the country! It’s a prestigious sport to win, and the prizes are huge.

Online Gambling on Camels

But what about a bit of gambling – can you bet on camel races, even if it means betting in online casinos? While there was always gambling taking place where there were camel races, it has gotten even bigger with the advent of online casinos. This is because online casinos provide you with the needed privacy, security and a lot of payment options – basically, you get more choices than ever. This makes gambling in the UAE easier and more approachable than it ever was. Online casinos offer an amazing array of gambling opportunities on popular sports like camel or horse racing.

It’s not only about slot machines or table games – and it’s only getting better. What a way to make a sport that was already incredibly exciting – even more exhilarating!

VPN (virtual server)Deposit options available to online casino players in the UAE

So what’s a VPN deposit option? You might already be a pro at this if you have a business or work in banking. VPNs are a common way of handling all sorts of business transactions here in the UAE. But let’s have a run-down if you’re new to it or need a quick refresher, especially when it comes to hitting the online casinos.

It’s important that when you pick a VPN network it’s not a free one – simply because of security, privacy, and speed. You want the best when you gamble – no surprises. A lot of people use VPNs for online gambling because some countries have more lax gambling laws. Even in countries that may permit all sorts of online gambling, there are some popular games simply not accessible to that market.

Safe Online Gambling

Why would a simple slot game not be allowed in the US but be just fine in France? Well – the answer is rather boring. Simple licensing laws. It takes a long time to get a license and some gaming operators take longer than others. If you can’t play a game you want, it’s worth it to try it through a VPN instead of waiting for the gaming operator to obtain a license in your location.

In the case of the UAE, this works for most games and online casinos.

How do you do it? You can open an account and start using it in minutes. Some of the most popular VPN networks in the UAE include ExpressVPN, NordVPN or PrivateVPN. There are many more legitimate and well-priced VPN networks you can access in your country.

Deposits and Payouts When Using a VPN

When using a VPN, you can use payment and deposit methods like PayPal, Skrill, Mastercards, Paysafecard, AstroPay Card, Neosurf, INPAY, Union Pay, Yandex, Visa, Pre-paid cards or Cryptocurrencies. Basically, when using a VPN the casino sees you as being from the country of the IP that the VPN provides (the most private country to go for btw, is Switzerland). Keep in mind that you might want to open a separate account so that it matches your IP.

Check which payment and deposit methods are allowed through your VPN and pick the best one for your needs.

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