Bank Transfers at an Online Casino

There are quite a lot of online casinos that make it very easy to deal with a bank transfer. If you prefer not to deal with bitcoins, gift cards, prepaid cards or e-wallets, a bank transfer is the safest way to go. How does it work? When you make a bank transfer, your money moves electronically from one bank account to another. There are no middlemen, no special third-party accounts – it’s very straight forward.

In an online casino, this will transfer money from your bank account into the bank account used by the casino. It’s very convenient considering that their bank account is most likely in another country where they are licensed to operate. The bank will take care of any currency transfers for you. In a lot of cases, this is the most budget-friendly way to operate when you consider the fees most e-wallets and other institutions charge for currency exchange.

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How to Open a Casino Account Using a Bank Transfer

First, check if your bank allows transferring money to certain accounts – the downside of this method is that it’s in your payment history and not as private as through an e-wallet. If you have a foreign bank account, this method of online casino payment will be a lot easier. The fact is, that this is one of the first methods of online casino payments used and the most trusted one. It’s been around for quite some time.

If you’re a VIP guest or a high roller, bank transfers are the preferred methods of payments and deposit for large amounts of money. Other forms of payments might actually have lower limits.

If you are absolutely sure that your bank permits this type of transaction, you have to double-check that your casino also does. But don’t worry – since this is the preferred method of payment for a large percentage of gamblers out there, most casinos will permit bank transfers or a wire transfer.

Simply follow the steps while setting up your casino account, and when you’re ready to make your first deposit, choose the “bank transfer” method out of the man options available.

How to make deposits and withdrawals Using Bank Transfers

Each casino has its own rules when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals. As with any other method, you need to carefully read the wagering requirements. If your withdrawal is denied, it might be for a simple reason that you’re going outside of the agreed-upon rules, like trying to withdraw the bonus money, or you’re not meeting your withdrawal minimum.

Before you make a deposit, make sure you are comfortable with opening an account in a casino and depositing money in it. Don’t just do it to “test it out”. The best way to do it is to test out the games for free, or with signing up for an account without committing to making a deposit. A casino will often give you a sign-up present – free spins or free money that you can’t withdraw, but you can gamble with in order to see if you’re enjoying the games and services the casino provides. Only then will you know if you’re ready to commit to making a bank transfer.

Select the payment/deposit method from the choices that the casino provider will provide you with. Since most players from Saudi Arabia play via a VPN, you will get a lot of choices based on the country that the VPN network is based. Choose the payment method that applies to you and proceed.

All Casinos will need you to provide them with your International Bank Account Number, or IBAN. You will also need to provide the location of your bank.

The transfer should take some time to process. It’s not as fast as e-wallet or credit card payment, but it only takes a few hours in most cases.

You can play using your funds as soon as you see the payment appear in your casino account. As we said, this will take a few hours of waiting. Once the bank transfer is complete and your payment arrives in your account, you can start playing in the casino. But wait- before that happens, you’ll be able to collect your first payment/deposit bonus! Casinos want your business, and they want you to enjoy yourself. This is why ALL online casinos will give you extra playing money so you can test out as many games as you want and maybe find new favorite ones! Never tried live roulette? This is the perfect time to try it for “free” and find some exciting new games to try. You will also most likely get “free spins” on slot machines, which is a very popular form of a “welcome bonus” when you make your first payment. Enjoy yourself!

Bank Transfer Features

There are some definite pros and cons to using bank transfers. One of the biggest cons is the limits that this method of payment has. With bigger limits, there are bigger prizes and opportunities. Another great plus is that most online casinos accept this method of payment.

Make sure you read over the rules at any online casino you deposit money at. You need to be familiar with rules such as fees, or transaction waiting time. In a lot of cases, online casinos will charge a bit extra for those bank transfers, unlike when using e-wallets to make payments and withdrawals.

Arab Countries Where Bank Transfer Services Are Available

Bank transfers are available in most Arab countries. Saudi Arabia works with many different banks both national and international. They make the transfer of funds very convenient and hassle-free – the only catch is that they might not be willing to work with certain types of websites or transactions. Making a bank transfer to an online casino might prove tricky – unless you have a foreign bank account.