The 8 Best Winning Roulette Systems

Nowadays, there are more and more casinos emerging both as existing facilities and websites or applications. Many players from all around the world involve themselves in gambling in order to feel the adrenaline and win extra money. The technology is developing rapidly, so online casinos are now very modern and provide as much fun and excitement as their traditional counterparts. Most of them are being improved continuously and provide users with a huge variety of options, including both classic games and the latest ones.

Roulette is surely one of the most famous casino games. It was invented in 1720 and still excites many players, no matter if they are experienced ones or beginners. It is present in virtually every casino, both a brick-and-mortar and a digital one. Even though it is generally recognized as a game of chance, some players spent a lot of time and energy to create efficient roulette strategies for winning by following reliable betting systems. The primary purpose of them is always to minimize the house edge (the casino advantage, in other words) by helping the gambler to rely more on their skills than on luck alone.

The Difference Between the Progression and no Progression Strategies

The progression strategies involve increasing your bets subsequently. Some of them require you to double your bet after losing (negative progression). On the other hand, there are also roulette strategies that are based on doubling after bet only when you win (positive progression). Also, some systems do not involve a progression at all. Hence, the stake stays flat no matter if you lose or win.

There are hundreds of strategies, and we have decided to present to you the ones that we consider to be the best eight roulette betting systems.

The d’Alembert

The main principle of the d’Alembert roulette strategy is to get back the money you lost by raising your bet after every loss. Therefore, it is one of the negative progression systems. However, the progression is not as sharp as in other strategies of this kind. The d’Alembert is an even-money system, so a player can apply it when they bet on number properties, including odd/even, high/low, or black/red. Due to its maths and peculiarities, it is not appropriate for inside bets or other forms of outside bets. As it is not an aggressive method, you will not experience huge losses, but also, you will not be able to recoup the money you have lost in just one win.

The Reverse d’Alembert

This betting system is, as the name suggests, the opposite strategy to the d’Alembert. In the standard version, you focus on even chance bets and raise them by one after you lose, and lower by one after you win. The disadvantage of such a roulette system is that when you are on the losing run, you make your situation worse and worse. In the reverse variant, you decrease your bets by one after losing and increase them by one after winning. Sometimes, it demands to be successful in a few rounds to recover after your losses and start gaining profits. Nevertheless, it is an interesting strategy for those who appreciate mathematical systems.

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The Masse Egale

Masse Egale is one of the no progression roulette strategies. You place the same bet every time, no matter what the outcome of the spin is. However, you should keep in mind that this system can be successful exclusively for inside bets.

Before you place your bet, you need to choose one number and stick to it until winning. You can keep doing it for as long as you like. Nonetheless, you need to take into consideration that during a particular roulette game, you are likely to be on a losing streak for a long time and then on a winning streak or vice versa. Another important aspect is that Masse Egale is not a long-term betting system. Instead, it is applied just for playing the internal fields.

The Fibonacci

One of the primary advantages of this roulette strategy is that you may lose many more times than win, and you will still gain profits. What is more, it can be used with quite small amounts of money as well, especially at the start of a sequence.

This strategy stems from the famous number sequence, invented by the Italian mathematician from the 16th century, Leonardo Fibonacci: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and so on. Each successive number in this sequence is a sum of the two preceding ones. Therefore, following this system, you need to adapt your bets at the roulette table to this order – the size of the stakes will increase after a loss and decrease following a win.

The Oscar’s Grind

Oscar’s Grind is also known as the “up-as-you-win” roulette strategy. In order to use it, you need to bet flat while failing and double your bet while winning. This system prevents betting more than you need so as to recover the funds that you have lost before. However, it is one of the short-term roulette strategies because, in the long run, it can bring you more losses than winnings.

The Paroli

The Paroli is one of the most popular positive progression systems to play roulette with. It is effortless to understand and memorize, and at the same time, it is considered by some players to be the best roulette betting strategy ever made. It involves doubling your wager after every win up to the moment when you reach three consecutive wins. It is a safe strategy that makes it possible for you to win a beneficial payout without putting the stability of your bankroll at too much risk. Moreover, it is recommended to apply it in a long-term play.

The Martingale

In this betting strategy, you need to double the amount of your bet when you register a loss and keep it at the same level after a win. It is very straightforward, so it is one of the best systems for beginners. However, some of the more experienced gamblers consider the Martingale to be quite risky. If you are persistent enough, you are likely to finally get on a winning streak and get back what you have lost, but it may be quite hard for a player whose budget is pretty tight.

Interestingly, it is one of the first roulette strategies that have ever been created. At the start, it was applied in games where the player needed to guess if the coin was going to land on the heads or tails.

The Labouchere

Choosing this roulette system, you need to write a sequence of number, such as 3, 4, 5. According to this method, your profit will be equal to the sum of all the numbers, so 12 dollars in this case. Your bets should be equal to the sum of the initial and the last numbers – here it would be 8 dollars. In the case of a win, you should eliminate the first and the last numbers from the sequence. On the other hand, if a loss is registered, you are supposed to add the amount of your stake to the end of the sequence. This technique is amazingly popular among roulette fans because it allows them to recover their losses and even achieve profits. Nevertheless, if you select this betting system, you should take into account that it demands a substantial bankroll.

Will I Win Every Time I Use a Roulette Strategy to Place a Bet?

You need to keep in mind that roulette will always be a game of chance, no matter what strategy you will apply while playing in an online casino or a land-based one. Nevertheless, it is worth using the best betting system possible in order to increase your chance to place a successful bet. The beauty of roulette is that it combines skills with luck, so you can raise the probability of winning, but at the same time, it stays unpredictable to a certain degree, which makes the game thrilling and fascinating. Roulette has excited players all over the world for centuries already, so you should definitely give it a try!