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Welcome to the world of high-rollers and benefits that far outshine the basic bonuses and customer service of an everyday gambler. Once you become a casino VIP, your gambling life changes. There are VIP options available for those who are frequent players, and for those who like to live the high life and stake high amounts of cash.

Some players don’t realize that you don’t have to be a high roller to become a VIP at some casinos. Online casinos appreciate the fact that you come back. They love long-time gamblers who are passionate about gaming, come and visit often and are dedicated to their particular casino. After all, every casino takes a lot of passion to run – it’s highly appreciated when someone appreciates it.

There are a lot of reasons that a gambler may enjoy one casino more than another – different casinos offer different gaming experiences and themes. This just means that we feel more at home at certain casinos than we do in others. Humans are creatures of habit and comfort – so why not get rewarded for it with a generous VIP package and some excellent recognition?

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Of course, there are casinos that may deal with VIP players only. This will mean that you won’t be able to play for free, wager pennies at cheap slots, or come in just to look around and gamble for small change. These casinos are some of the web’s more serious establishments for elite high rollers, with opulent interfaces and personal games. These casinos don’t go low, and very often, you’ll need to make a hefty deposit in order to join their exclusive club. This is only for the gamblers who really mean business.

Let’s face it – online gambling is very similar to gambling in real life. Marie Antoinette and a lot of royalty were well known for gambling for extremely high stakes at the exclusive palace gaming tables. They wouldn’t be caught dead alongside the bourgeois who would gamble for mere pennies – this is not why they came to play.

Another great example of why someone would want to play at a VIP only casino is that they have many opportunities to mix with like-minded players. If you’re the type of person who would easily deposit $15,000 to play some rewarding games of Roulette or Baccarat, it’s very likely that you’ll be pleased to meet and interact with other people who are willing to do the same. It’s most likely that you’ll find them extremely interesting and you’ll find a common language – even if the games are completely anonymous. You never know who’s hiding under a pseudonym and it’s always titillating to imagine.

VIP gamblers come from all over the world, and from all sorts of business and social backgrounds. Online casinos are curated with the aim of pleasing all of them – and the VIP portals know that you’re looking for something a lot more than just a game or two. You want to be taken care of, and you want an amazing exclusive experience.

Are High Rollers Limited to Card Games?

Absolutely not! Although High rollers and exclusive casino games tend to be associated with games like roulette, poker or baccarat, you can make high bets at slot games as well. There are slot games that are famous for allowing high bets. Not every VIP has to like cards, and any great VIP casino will give you a huge choice in what you can play.

What is a VIP Casino?

If you love to gamble and have been doing it for a while, you might be wondering if you’re a VIP at your online casino or if you should consider joining an exclusive VIP casino. After all, you come here enough to be considered a “regular”. If you’re a frequent player, you might be eligible for elite bonuses that are aimed at elite and regular gamblers – casinos want to make you happy because they appreciate your business and hope you stay with them. At this point, you are long past your “first deposit bonus”, and you deserve a lot more than the newbie treatment.

Enter the VIP casino perks! There are more special benefits if you’re not only a frequent guest but you love to indulge in the adrenaline rush of playing for high stakes for loyalty points. After all, the rush of excitement and the air of prestige is real when playing with big cash – it’s a club, not just anyone can enter. Of course, the VIP players will receive the regular bonuses and offers enjoyed by all the other casino members – but with additional services, offers and perks. Not to mention exclusive personal treatment by highly trained casino staff.

VIP Levels

There are actually a lot of levels that a VIP system can have. There are the VIP services for the newbies, the more experienced VIPs, and finally the big boys and the absolute VIP pros. What are they? It all depends on the casino. Some better-established casinos gamble on the prestige that having a mega exclusive VIP status from their Casino will give you. They know that people want it and that it gives them clout.

There is a very popular system of the Bronze, the Silver, the Gold, and Platinum – it’s a classic, isn’t it? There are some casinos that will have as many as 7 different types of VIP packages, or “VIP Lounge Levels” as they like to call them. Once you join one, it’s almost a level of pride to join a level up – we’re all gamblers here and we love getting rewarded for it!

Some of the bonuses for achieving a higher level are:

Birthday bonus – a normal garden variety gambler will not get a special bonus for their birthday, but you will! You deserve for your birthday to be commemorated! There’s nothing better about getting older than receiving an extra gambling allowance, free spins and much more – it’s like being king for a day! Some casinos wait until you get to a higher level in their VIP lounge to start celebrating your birthday. Your account will wish you a happy birthday too!

VIP Manager – these special customer service reps are at your command, and at your beck and call – 24/7. They’re here to take care of your account. You can pick up the phone to ask them any question, be reassured or deal with a payout or any other casino related issue. You will get an email address, chat access and in some cases a phone number they will be reached at.

Faster Payouts – when you gamble big and win big, they know you mean business. And what’s a better incentive for you to stay than giving you your payout at a faster rate than the mere mortals who gamble for small change? When you establish a special relationship with a casino, they feel like they know you and can trust you. This brings a lot of benefits to the table.

Special Monthly Bonuses – a lot of casinos give out bonuses from time to time, especially to those players who stick around and play on a regular basis. But when you’re a regular VIP player, the stakes naturally go up. Depending on which VIP plan you join, you might be getting your bonuses every month like clockwork! This is a great reason to keep on coming back.

VIP Points – depending on how much you gamble, you’ll get VIP points. These are special points a casino will assign to your account. They may translate to free bonus cash, or free spins when you decide to collect them. Look at wagering requirements of each casino, because the terms of depositing them or collecting your winnings might differ from casino to casino.

Can I Win More Money at a VIP Casino?

What can we say – if you bet more money, you have the chance of winning more money. It’s just simple math. VIP access in casinos may also get you chances to enter drawings, lotteries and internal special offers that other players just don’t get. You get a chance to walk away with a lot more.

People with a lot of means gamble more because they have more money to spend on entertainment. But another reason is that it’s simply nice to be treated better, isn’t it? We certainly think so. Once you earn your VIP status, you’ll never want to go back!

Are your odds going to be better? No. Gambling is gambling and the chances of winning are the same for everyone. But what’s amazing about VIP access is the special attention you’re going to get. You’re going to feel pampered, respected and cared for – get ready for some seriously special treatment.

The Special Advantages of Playing at a VIP Casino

Some of the advantages are easy to list off, but the kinds of perks and bonuses really depend on the casino that you choose for your VIP services. It’s important to read the lists of bonuses and special deals, including the special withdrawal and deposit rules.

Special Treatment and personal service – your casino is going to give you a special customer service manager – they are going to take care of you personally, and make sure you have everything you need, and that your questions are answered. Isn’t it nice to get preferential treatment? Check to see if you actually get access to the agent’s email, chat or even phone number so you can contact them directly.

Account Limits – you will no doubt get access to special account limits – ones that are much higher than a regular gambler’s. You will be able to withdraw more money and have more freedom with your account.

Third-party Benefits – most casinos have deals going with outside businesses. This might mean they have attractive partnerships in the travel industry, automotive industry, luggage makers, posh sports venues, hotels, spas, and much more. They will give you access to their partners’ services as gifts, at a discount, or give you a chance to enter into special sweepstakes where you can win luxury items, memberships or even all-inclusive trips.

Social VIP Gatherings – some casinos will host special events for their VIPs – often at luxurious locations and hotels. If you’re able to travel, it’s a great excuse to go abroad and experience meeting your fellow VIPs.

Credit – some casinos go as far as extending credit to their VIP players. Of course, this all depends on the level of service at a given casino and your personal relationship with them. When you’re a VIP, it’s all about the special relationship you develop over time with your VIP casino representative.

So how do you join this exclusive club? You have two ways to get here:

Hours of Gameplay – A casino will want to reward you if you’re a committed player. Let’s face it, sometimes we just like a particular casino and want to stick around. They might get the best software, the best choice of your favorite games, and you’ll enjoy spending time gambling with them. You’ll get rewarded for being a passionate, loyal player!

How Much You Wager – when you bet or deposit large amounts of money, you can be sure that the casino management will notice immediately. They have alerts set up to monitor for prestigious high-rollers and you can be sure to be contacted by a representative soon after making an extraordinarily high deposit.

The Best VIP Casinos for Saudi Arabian Gamblers

If you’re a gambler in Saudi Arabia, we understand that promises of social VIP get-togethers might not be the thing for you. After all, they’re not going to happen in Saudi anytime soon and traveling isn’t always a convenient option. This is why it’s important to take a look at other perks that VIP status offers. This has to do with the best casino bonuses and customer service.

In real-life casinos, VIP offers were very popular with the high rollers – it’s no wonder that they have made it into the world of online casinos. You just have to pick the offers that fit you best. For Saudi Arabian players, we recommend bonuses like high bonus cash thresholds, best personal service, and extra free spins. The bonus cash can be extremely generous if you register as a high-rolling VIP right from the very beginning. Some casinos can offer bonus cash with limits like $5,000 or more.

The Best VIP Bonuses 2021

VIP bonuses in 2021 just keep on getting better. Keep in mind that there are new casinos opening every month – and they would all love to attract as many key VIP gamblers as possible. Of course, sometimes it’s better to go with a casino that has been around for a long time, especially if you are ready to put a lot of money down and really invest in your entertainment.

The thrill of gambling can be quite mind-blowing, but when you gamble on a brand new untested casino, it can be quite scary. This is why we make sure that the casinos we offer are licensed by the most trustworthy licensing bodies in the business. You can be sure that the casinos are tested for fairness, as well as the level of customer service that they offer. We also look at what gamblers say. Information sure gets around on the web, especially about casinos. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there are undisputed reasons why a casino is considered good and trustworthy. Everything has to be based on facts.

Things like the speed of withdrawal and how easy it is to reach their customer service agents also counts for a lot. Over time, casinos develop their reputations for how well they treat you, and how pampered and well taken care of their VIP gamblers feel.

This is why some of the best VIP bonuses in 2021 might be at casinos with a great standing reputation for excellent value, trust factor, customer care, and amazing bonuses.

VIP Casino Services for Arabic Speakers

One of the most important things for gamblers from Saudi Arabia might be the language they communicate in. Not everyone has to be completely fluent in English, and we believe that an online casino should provide you with customer service in the language you speak.

There are so many online gamblers from Saudi Arabia, that this has come to be the norm in a lot of casinos. Did you know that a lot of casinos will not only offer a version of their site in both English and Arabic but offer special customer service in Arabic to their VIPs? This provides you with a great option to play in your own language and to get help or get your questions answered in your native tongue.

Another perk is that casinos aimed at Arabic speakers will offer some games in Arabic. While slots are pretty self-explanatory, there are other games in which it’s very comforting to be able to gamble in Arabic. Games like live roulette provide the possibility of joining a social, interactive game and actually chatting with the host. When playing live roulette, the croupier will start some friendly banter, jokes, and interact with you. It’s all about great hosting – a thing that players in Saudi Arabia understand more than most.

Playing Roulette, Poker, or Blackjack in Arabic will add a level of comfort and trill and make gambling an enjoyable and friendly time to socialize in your native language, relax and win some money.

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