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We all have probably seen the old slot symbols – pictures of fruit, bar symbols, liberty bells, and lucky sevens. These are famous and instantly recognizable! But what about new slots? Once you know the basic rules, which are the same for any slot machine, it’s exciting to branch out and experiment with different types of slots. After all – this is how progress is made!

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A long time ago, slot machines had only three reels, a few symbols, and one pay-line. Would anyone be playing them right now if they remained just as they were? Probably not… People need new experiences, and since everything around us is spinning at a faster pace and being continuously improved, it’s only natural that the same would go for gambling and slot games.

In fact, did you know there are as many as a hundred of new slot games released every month? This means that there are dozens of game developers working on exciting new games for you to play – and they’re doing it like they’re on fire!

New and Exciting Slots vs the Old Favorites

Of course, not every new slot game is a direct hit. Some of them can certainly be very run-of-the-mill. There are the spur of the moment games that are made on a whim. This includes games that include politicians or current events. These become more like a funny joke that you can enjoy playing for a short time, and then get bored of the novelty.

But other games stay with you for a while and are designed to keep you entertained and coming back. These new slots include some of the newest break-through ideas in storytelling, design and special effects, so it’s worth it to take a time-out from your go-to favorite game and try something new and amazing! You might as well find a new favorite altogether!

New Slots- List of Casino Slots

We are really excited about some of the newest slots available this year and want to share them with you. Check out if your favorite casino has them available, or if you can sign up and test them at any other casino we recommend! This is an eclectic mix of just about anything you might want. We’re not joking when we say that slots can have any theme you want! You will find at least one game that you feel passionate about, if not many more! The adventures are truly endless.

Total Overdrive

Total Overdrive – It’s time to seriously party!! The music in this game truly clubs worthy and you might catch yourself listening to it even when you’re not playing this neon disco-themed game. Designed by Betsoft, it’s one of the coolest new games to hit online casinos.

This is probably THE most exciting three-reel game on the market right now – yes! This is actually a classic three-reel game but on “overdrive”. It features classic symbols like lucky sevens, fruit and bar symbols but all done in a shiny and stunning three-d graphic form. Also, no ear bursting casino noises, just smooth party beats. There are awesome features, like a 50x (!) multiplier when you land 3 wilds. We cannot wait to play this game again and again. Not a common thing to say for a three-wheel classic slot game!

Check out this trailer by Betsoft:

Fortunes of Ali Baba

This game is designed by Play’n GO, one of the top software providers for slot games in the world. The exciting 3D graphics make this an exhilarating game to try, and the music is reminiscent of a 1001 Nights soundtrack. The gameplay is steeped in a mysterious aura of the 41 thieves’ cave. The gameplay and UX of the game are also enhanced in comparison to most other slots, with a super intuitive Quick Betting Panel – used for controlling how much you bet on a spin at in a second’s notice. What’s also super fun is that when you get the Scatter symbol that lands on the first and fifth reel, you can enter the den of thieves and see what’s inside – maybe even take a bit of their treasure with you.

Look at the game trailer here:

Why New Slots?

New slots are super fun to try – you wouldn’t believe how quickly technology is moving along, and it’s best to catch all the new trends as they happen, whether it’s amazing new graphics, bonuses or other features like virtual reality, 3D technology, multiple players and more. The best games are just waiting to be discovered!

Another huge advancement has been to make these games more and more mobile-friendly. The number of people who are playing games on their phones is rising every day – and new players are more likely to join online casinos and play new casino games from their phones rather than from their desktops. This is the best time to start playing if you want to play on your phone!

Advantages of Playing New Slots

Aside from enjoying amazing gameplay and new adventures, the advantage here is pure entertainment. Of course, we all have our go-to favorites and love to play the online slots that we initially started with – we are nostalgic beings after all. But without innovation, where would the world of gaming be?

Probably still at throwing bones around! Did you know that the first games of gambling used to be played with dice made of bones? This is why the word “dice” is the same as “bones” in a lot of languages. It’s a fascinating piece of trivia, but not a very exciting prospect if you want to gamble right now. New online slots are good!

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