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What’s the difference between classic slots and complicated video slots that most casinos seem to advertise these days? You may not know this but slot machines were invented over 200 years ago during the California Gold Rush by a German immigrant from Bavaria. This new invention immediately took off amongst the gold miners. Soon, the demand was greater than what he could produce. What does this new machine look like? For starters, it was all mechanical unlike the machines of today, and it didn’t have the familiar fruit symbols or the Lucky 7, or the Liberty Bell that we know so well from today’s slot machines. The gold rush one-armed bandit had only three reels and used playing cards symbols. Players would spin the reels by pulling a lever and hope to get a match of three symbols on the single pay line. It’s amazing that the basic concepts of this original slot machine stayed the same for almost 200 years. Over the years they were many companies who made slot machines but the basic concepts have always stayed the same true to the original design.

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If you have ever played slots at an online casino, you know that slot machines come with many different options, themes, and as many as 10 reels. They may be based on popular movies, TV shows, Legends Greek myths or Egyptian Fables. They can also be multiplayer or have progressive jackpots. These are not your grandma’s slot machines, but complicated casino games based on algorithms and newest trends.

After gambling became illegal in the United States and during the prohibition, the one-armed bandits stuck around and became gum machines. This is where we get the most popular fruit-based symbols of today. The different types of fruit actually symbolize different gum flavors and the bar symbol symbolizes a bar of gum. This was so popular during the prohibition that it continues even today and the symbols are used in the newest 3D slot machines by some of the best software developers in the world. Of course, the new slot machines have as many as five reels and are much more complicated than the slot machines of 20 or 50 years ago. But this doesn’t mean that they’re not enjoyable to play. Some people prefer these Old-Timers to the new and flashy game. a lot of them even have the old soundtrack that makes it possible to feel what a city like Las Vegas would sound like somewhere in the 1970s.

Beetle Frenzy by NetEnt

We know, we know, we just talked about all the classic symbols like fruit and bar symbols – but NetEnt made an incredible classic slot game that will blow your mind – it’s cute, simple, and features the most amazing insect and nature-themed graphics. We had to mention this classic little three reel here.


Gold Rush

Gold Rush helps you to get a taste of the old-time slot with a modern twist – the game is set up with beautiful 50’s style graphics and ambiance and has a timeless retro feel. This is accomplished with modern graphics, and well worth a play. We can almost hear Elvis in the air.


Mega Joker

It’s time for classic fruits here, with this amazing classic slot interface. This is for the true fans of classic slots and it’s one of the most popular classic slots out there, period.


Classic Slots – List of Casino Slots

We have prepared a list of the best casino slots that you can play and experience the classic gameplay of yesteryear. Most casinos will have a great selection of classic slots to pick from and will offer you generous bonus free spins if you sign up for an account even if you don’t make an initial deposit. This is a great chance to try classic slots if you haven’t already and see what the buzz is all about. This is probably also your best option to play if you’re just beginning to play for real money. Will the 99 return to player rates in a lot of classic slots? You’ll be sure to get your money’s worth and game for as long as possible.

Advantages of Playing Classic Slots

Are there any advantages to playing classic slots? It all really depends on what you like. Some people prefer to take a break from playing the complicated and flashy slot machines and head on over to the old classics in order to clear their minds. not to mention it’s a great history lesson to be able to see how games were played a long time ago. These classic slot games have their die-hard fans. This can be easily compared to playing an old classic Nintendo game instead of the newest Xbox online game. Sometimes you just yearn for the simpler times. But let’s leave Nostalgia behind and see if the payouts are any better than on the complicated 5 real flop. Are they? We were surprised to learn the absolutely yes! because these classic slots have fewer bells and whistles the developers tend to leave the return to player rate as high as they possibly can and a lot of the simple classic slots have as much as 99% return to play rate. This gives a whole new meaning to the term slow and steady wins the race. Maybe you’re not blowing through levels and seeing incredible animations but you were sure to get your money’s worth when you play the classic slots.

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