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When you’re just starting to explore the exciting world of online gambling, it’s hard to believe that you can win real money. A lot of first-time gamblers are a bit nervous when putting in that first deposit – and understandably so. Even if we buy things online all the time, it’s not often that we actually “take a gamble” and trust that others will give us money just for winning a game of chance.

In the case of certified online casinos, the entertainment and chances of winning a huge jackpot are very much real. In a lot of cases, what keeps people coming back to real money casinos are the steady winnings, rewards, and the adrenaline rush. Games are, after all, designed to be entertaining, and downright exhilarating. And when you gamble in a real money casino, when you win, you really win!

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Play Online Gambling Games and Win Real Money

Gambling is as old as the world itself. In a way, all living things take a gamble every single day. Everything you do, you do in hopes of a reward, and when luck aligns itself in your favor, you reap the benefits. When gambling at an online casino, you reap the rewards in style.

What online gambling games are available for those who wish to bet on their luck? Chances are that there are a lot more possibilities than you think. In fact, a LOT more! The basic types of casino games are:

Video Slots – When walking into any big casino, you’ll be faced with a maze of one-armed-bandits. You usually have to walk past them in order to get to the table games and card rooms. In an online casino, it’s almost the same. Most casinos will advertise video slots first. Why? Slots are like the candy of the gambling world. They are fun to look at, fun to listen to, and with the advent of high tech, they can be some of the most exciting games you will experience in an online casino.

The history of slots is very long – they are quite venerable! The classic fruit games go back as far as 100 years, and the oldest game has the classic set up of three spinning reels and a lever that you can pull was originally made with cards in mind. The first machine like this was invented by Charles August Fey in 1894. As you can see, these machines have come a very long way.

The classic fruit machine was made a bit later by a chewing gum company – this is where the classic “BAR” icon comes from. Can you imagine it evolved from an illustration of a fruit chewing gum bar? Slots are all about evolution – when it comes to technology, graphics, and sounds. The first mechanical machines had bells and other mechanical sound effects. Today, the reels are digital and the themes are a lot different from simple lucky 7s, fruit and bar symbols. Of course, these still exist and people love to play old school slot games – a lot of people even find the classic one-arm-bandit sounds nostalgic. If you play some online slot games, you might experience how Las Vegas sounded like in 1970.

But a lot of people prefer new thrills, modern solutions, and 3D graphics. This is why there are hundreds of new slot games released by software providers every month. Casinos love it when you try new things, so a large part of sign-on bonuses will feature “free spins”. Even if you’re joining an online casino to play cards and bet on sports, this is a great side-track for you to try and enjoy. And who knows – you might even win bigger than cards, because the odds in these amazing graphic games are fair, and a lot of them have progressive jackpots. So – come for the cards and stay for the slots!

You’re likely to find everything you’re looking for when it comes to themes – whether you’re a fan of 1001 Arabian Nights, Ozzy Osbourne, Titanic, Cleopatra, Ancient Mythology or the Vikings. We’re not joking- it’s all out there, ready to be played! Slots are often licensed to be based on the most popular shows, bands or movies. Check to see if they have your favorite show or movie!

Live Card Games – If you love gaming in general, you probably play socially all the time on your Xbox or PlayStation. Did you know that playing live Poker or Roulette is a very similar experience? A lot of people say that it’s actually much better. Take roulette for example. When you play a live game online, you can see the whole game unfolding form a lot of different camera angles. You can see the professional croupier deal, and what’s better – you can be prompted to place your bets, and be guided through the game process by live prompts.

This takes away a lot of the awkwardness that a lot of new players feel. Of course, some casinos are new-player friendly in real life, but let’s face it- there are a few things as intimidating as coming to a table full of pros. Live tables eliminate this intimidation factor and let you enjoy the game while being guided through it on the screen. It’s a bit like an improvement on reality.

How can reality be improved? In real life, it’s just you and the croupier, and a bunch of other players. In live online casino roulette, you get a croupier who can be beautiful, funny, smart and will keep you entertained – but it’s not all about the croupier, is it? The coolest thing about playing live Roulette is the different visual effects that casinos have.

Yes, they’re all different! This is where different software providers compete like there’s no tomorrow! It’s all about the player experience. This is what you get:

  • A comprehensive view of the game
  • A mix of the digital interface and live screen, with helpful prompts
  • Clear interface – if you win, you know right away, with super exciting graphics and explosive sound effects.
  • Easy-to-click betting
  • Amazing choices of gaming style and croupiers

This is more choice than anyone gets at a real-life casino by far! There are different software providers who try to outdo themselves in creating live online games. It’s exciting to look for your favorite one out of the many styles, effects, and perks. The payouts might vary game to game.

Also, if you’re in the mood for some international spice, you can pick from many international styles of roulette. Many casinos will have live games in Arabic with well trained Arabic croupiers, for your comfort. Many people prefer the European style roulette as opposed to the American style. Online casinos are the perfect place to experience all the different styles of gambling and become a pro.

Playing other live games like Blackjack can be very exciting too – we all know that with Blackjack, you get more personal time with the croupier, and there are limited places at the table. You will most often get a choice of many tables – we know that there are chances of having a solo game or a more social game with other players from all around the world.

In live games like Blackjack or Poker, you get prompted what to do, who’s won and a bit of an explanation that comes with every move. We love playing these live games for an extra sense of being connected to other players and dealers from all around the globe. Yes, you can hear what the dealer is saying and there are some witty and entertaining dealers out there! You can also chat and interact with them. Who knows if you’re actually sitting at a Blackjack table or at a game of Baccarat with your next-door neighbor? You never know!

Auto casino games – of course when it comes to cards, you can experience all of the above… without having to go live. This is if we really want to close ourselves off in our world, and not interact with anybody while playing a game meant for multiple players. These games are mostly based on casino algorithms and will have the same odds as live games, but without the same social value.

What Can You Bet On In an Online Casino?

Most online casinos have similar games, but with a different and personal interface. Here is a list of available casino games, in a nutshell:


  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Poker
  • Keno
  • Bingo
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker
  • Wheel of Fortune


  • Bingo
  • Keno
  • Lottery
  • Scratch Cards
  • Sports


  • Video Slots
  • Classic Slots
  • Progressive Jackpot Slots

This is the abridged list – many casinos will have a slightly different variety of games. Whether live or not – you can be sure that you are playing for real money!

How much money? You can bet any amount of money you want. Some slots can even be played for free – to test them out. An online casino is the perfect gambling space for anyone, whether they have some spare change to gamble away, or if they have a bigger purse and are here for the long haul.

Play for Real Money on Trusted Online Casino Sites

We take your privacy and fair chances to win very seriously. This is why we only recommend trusted online casino sites, that we have checked out for the following criteria:

  • Multiple payment options
  • Proper licenses from trusted sources
  • Safe gambling help
  • Excellent customer service
  • Huge variety of choices
  • Respected and competitive gambling software.
  • Easy withdrawals
  • Sensible wagering requirements

We pride ourselves on choosing only the best casinos. Take a look at our list of online casinos and pick the perfect place to play!

The Advantages of Playing for Real Money at the Casino

What are the advantages of playing for real money? In short, if you don’t play for real money, you can’t win real money. And playing for free all the time doesn’t quite have the same entertainment value to it.

After all, you’re looking for that sudden rush of adrenaline that comes when you pick the perfect cards, or press “spin” and land a crazy row of wild symbols, scatters or hit the jackpot. There’s a dreamer in all of us that imagines luxurious yachts, a garage full of Teslas and a VIP entrance to the Saudi Cup every time they sit down to a game at an online casino.

That’s not entirely impossible, of course. While we’re waiting for that big jackpot to happen, we get excited by every win we get – even if instead of a brand new Tesla we can cash in and go out to a nice dinner. Or spend more time gambling at online casinos!

How Much Money Can You Win in an Online Casino?

So – how much money can you actually win playing casino games online? It all depends! There are many factors that help to determine how much money you will win. Some of these are:

How much you bet – if you’re just here for the free spins, you won’t get much in terms of winning. If you bet a lot, you have a chance of winning a lot.

What games you play – games are random, but gamblers are a very superstitious bunch. Some people are “lucky” in slots, while others are “lucky” in blackjack. What game are you lucky at?

Some progressive jackpots can go up to millions of dollars! It’s best to sort these by the gaming software provider. Some of the best progressive jackpots can be found in NetEnt or Microgaming games, and those are found at the casinos you can access through our website! Make sure to keep on top of your progressive jackpot knowledge! These numbers change all the time! Playtech’s Jackpot Giant paid out over 4 million dollars to Gala Bingo gambler.