Premier League Betting

The English Premier League or EPL for short is hands down the most popular football league in the world. Billions of football fans avidly follow the ups and downs of their favorite EPL teams each season. As well as experiencing some of the most exciting football on the planet millions of football bettors love to wager on it throughout the season.

By the time you have finished reading our premier league guide you’ll have all the knowledge you need to understand how the Premiership works, the bets you can place and some fantastic tips to help you win more often.

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Premier League Teams 2019/2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic has disrupted football leagues worldwide including the EPL but we do hope to see a conclusion to the 2019/2021 season in the near future.

The 20 teams in the premiership for this season are; AFC Bournemouth, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Brighton & Hove Albion, Burnley, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Leicester City, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Sheffield United, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, Watford, West Ham United and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

As usual, the big contenders for the crown are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United.

Understanding How The English Premier League Works

The English Premier League consists of twenty of the best English and Welsh football teams. Each team will play every team in the league twice over the season with each having a home and an away game. The Season usually runs from August to May the following year.

In total each team will play 38 matches in total, with most games being held at the weekend. The aim of each team is to score as many points as possible throughout the season. When a team wins a match they get 3 points if the match is a draw both the teams will get 1 point, the losing team does not receive any point. When the season comes to an end the team that is at the top of the EPL table wins.

Usually, it is the same few teams vying for the top position but sometimes there is an upset and an underdog secures the place much to everyone’s surprise. This happened in 2016 when Leicester City beat huge odds to become EPL champions.

A question often asked is what happens if two teams end up with the same total of points? If this happens it will be decided on goal difference which is measured by how many goals the team has scored over the season and the number of goals scored against them.

As well as trying to win the coveted top position there will be three teams who are fighting it out not to get relegated from the Premier League. At the end of the season, the three teams at the bottom of the league table will be relegated to the Championship division which is the league below and replaced by three teams from this division. One of the many betting options you have is to wager on who you believe will be relegated.

The excitement doesn’t end here though as the teams in the EPL will still want to fight for the second, third, and fourth positions. Teams who end the season in the top four will earn themselves the chance to compete in the UEFA Champions League. This is the most lucrative and important of all the European football competitions.

History of The Premier League

The History of the English football league can be traced back to 1888 starting with a mere 12 teams it soon increased to 22 and further grew to four divisions. There was little change for over one hundred years but in 1992 all the twenty-two teams from the first division resigned and joined a new league that was backed by the FA.

The reason for this split was all down to money. With the four divisions all sharing the money that was generated by TV rights, the big name clubs in the first division decided that this was unfair as they were likely to appear on television a lot more often. With a £304 million tv rights package secured by the premiership, the first division teams jumped ship to become the EPL and form its own division.

The league was reduced to twenty teams for the 1994/1995 to accommodate more European matches. Sponsorship has been a big part of its history and it was known as the FA Carling Premiership for the first few years of its inception. It was then sponsored by Barclaycard until 2016/2017 and it is now just known as the Premier League. At this time only 47 teams have played in the premiership With two of them being Welsh; Cardiff City and Swansea.

League Champions

Since the EPL was formed in 1992 there have been a few teams that have dominated it. Manchester United has won the title 13 times in total to date. Chelsea with 5 wins and Manchester City with 4 have been reigning champions in the last few years. Blackburn became champions for the first and last time in 1995 and Leicester City was the most recent upset securing the title in 2019 with the odds against them at 5000/1.

League Champions Last 10 Years

  • 2009/2010 Chelsea
  • 2010/2011 Manchester United
  • 2011/2012 Manchester City
  • 2012/2013 Manchester United
  • 2013/2014 Manchester City
  • 2014/2015 Chelsea
  • 2015/2016 Leicester City
  • 2016/2017 Chelsea
  • 2017/ 2018 Manchester City
  • 2018/2019 Manchester City

How To Bet on the Premier League

There are hundreds of sports betting sites to place your bets on premiership football matches. If you are in Saudi Arabia all forms of gambling are illegal and if you are caught participating the punishments can be harsh. If you are going to take the risk you need to keep your betting private. We suggest using a VPN and funding your sports betting account by using an eWallet such as Neteller or Skrill, a Prepaid card, or cryptocurrency.

Once you have a VPN in place and decide on a payment method you can create an account at a reputable online sports betting site we suggest sticking with our football betting site recommendations as they all have great track records for Saudi Arabian players. Signing up is straightforward; you just need to provide your personal details and fund your account with your preferred payment method.

You then can select the matches you want to wager on, as the EPL is so popular you’ll easily be able to find the list of matches available to bet on. The complete selection of markets available to bet on will usually be shown about 72 hours before the match is played.

When all the betting options are available you can choose single bets or multiples and accumulators, we will discuss some of the types of bets you can place shortly. Once you have selected the bet you wish to place you enter how much you want to stake and it will be deducted from your account once you have clicked the place bet button.

Premier League Odds

If you haven’t bet before then understanding how to read the odds is something you will need to know. Odds enable you to find out how likely a certain outcome is as well as help you calculate how much you can potentially win.

Usually, they are written as fractions or decimals for instance if Arsenal beat Chelsea and the odds were 2/1 if you staked $10 you would receive a payout of $20 on top of your $10 stake.

With decimal odds, the stake is inclusive, to work out your total return you multiply the stake by the odds. So if you bet on Arsenal to win at 2.50 and place a $4 bet you would receive a return of $10 including your stake.

The odds of a team winning the Premiership title will change throughout the season depending on its performance, new player signings, injuries to top players, and manager changes can all influence the odds.

Types of Premier League Bets

The huge number of different bets that bookmakers offer for the EPL is part of what makes it exciting. Bets on the premiership come under two broad markets, futures, and match bets.

The futures market is when you bet on the outcome of a bet that will occur sometime in the future. For instance, you can wager on who will win the premiership in 2021. Two of our favorite bets for the futures markets are top 4 finish and relegation treble. Teams will fight tooth and nail to be in the top four positions and secure an entry to the Champions League for the glory and most of all the money! Conversely, the three teams fighting to stay in the premiership and not be relegated will also be doing their utmost to win. wagering on these futures is really exciting and you’ll be cheering on teams that usually you might not care about.

There are many more futures bets you can wager on for the EPL such as top goalscorer, next manager to leave their post, top four in the exact order to name just a few.

Match bets are the individual wagers that you stake on outcomes of Premiership matches that are usually played on weekends during the seasons. The most common is the 1X2 bet, with 1 being a bet on the home team, X signifying a draw and 2 the away team winning.

There are dozens of match bets you can place on a particular game, including top goal scorer, half-time score, correct score to name just a few.

The top goalscorer market is very popular among football fans with the number of top-name players in the world appearing in the EPL. With all these high-quality players to choose from, making a prediction on who the top goalscorer will be is an exciting bet and could be a good return of investment.

The most thrilling bet to place has to be the accumulator, this is where you select multiple bets and if they all win you come away with big winnings! While the odds are long you can bet a small stake and end up with a huge return.

English Premier League Betting Tips

Unlike some forms of online gambling such as slots and the lottery when gamblers bet on football, they have some control over what the result will be. While luck is an element in any form of gambling, knowledge, and strategy come to the forefront when wagering on sports.

Football has a huge range of options to bet on but it needs to be understood that all the different football leagues have their own characteristics and the EPL is no exception to the rule.

As the EPL is the most popular out of all the various leagues worldwide finding information about it for free is extremely easy you can find out all the latest team and players stats online. This includes the official EPL website and plenty of other websites big and small that discuss every aspect of the game. This popularity makes finding tips and strategies to bet on premiership football much easier to come by than other leagues.

While competition matches such as the FA Cup and League cup offer some prestige for a team in the premiership. The battles that are more hard-fought are those for the top four places and those teams that are fighting relegation. You’ll find that the cup matches are now used to test out their younger players and give them a little chance at some glory so bear this in mind.

With management changes being a common occurrence in the premiership it’s always worth looking out for. If a team that is fighting to stay in the EPL has a chance of manager it can often mean that they are saved from relegation. Placing bets on the relegation dogfight is usually much more prevalent and exciting than what is happening at the top of the table.

We suggest keeping your research very tight, bet on just a few markets and teams, and get to know them as much as possible. You’ll not only get to know all the latest statistics and news about them but also start to gain an instinct of how they are likely to play on the day. Specialising doesn’t guarantee that you will make a profit but it will put the odds a little in your favor.

Another good strategy for those who don’t mind small returns on their wagers is to go for those with low odds. Odds for Liverpool to win the premiership might pay back a smaller amount but it is a safer bet.Low odds bets averaged out over the season will result in fewer losses.

Getting an edge over the bookmakers isn’t easy; it means following all the latest trends, news and statistics of what is happening in the EPL along with some luck on the day.


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