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We are an indie game development studio, but we decided to spread the knowledge and experience of our professionals. Accordingly, we are glad to offer many valuable services to our customers!

FUN Creators Services

Game Prototype Design Game prototype is the first tangible output of your concept, the prototype is the best tool to verify or modify your concept and gameplay mechanics. Our professional programmers can build the prototype for you and our designers can give you many ideas to enhance the FUN factor of your game.
Games Consulting Services Game Consulting Services include all management consulting services needed to develop or manage your game studio in an efficient and effective manner. These services are focusing on developing the organization structure, job descriptions, processes and procedures of your game studio.
Game Design Documents Do you have an amazing game idea but you don’t know how to present it well to your company or publisher?! We can develop the needed documents for you, including the Game Concept Document (GCD) and the Game Design Document (GDD).
Training Courses Many of our professionals are originally lecturers at Academic Institutions and Training Centers, they are experienced in conducting successful training courses or workshops.
Game Testing & QA Utilize our game testing system and our testing forms to test your game in Alpha or Beta phase.


2D & 3D Design

If you want to design a specific 2D/3D artwork, our professionals are glad to help you! Please feel free to contact:

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For further information about our services, please feel free to contact:

Submission Policy

We will never review unsolicited Material without the Discloser first signing a Non-Confidential Submission Letter in a form provided by us. Please contact us for further information.

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