Slots Game Guide

Slots have taken the crown and are now the most popular gambling games in the world. Why not? They’re fun, they constantly include more new and user-friendly technology, Easter eggs, storylines, challenges – everything that a gamer likes. And when you cross gambling with gaming, it’s where the fun begins.

Gambling is pure luck, but when playing cards and more “social” games it usually involves so much more than just pulling a lever and spinning. Slots were considered a boring game for a long time – stereotyped as a sweet filler that didn’t take much thinking and wasn’t that entertaining either. Today, slot games are some of the most entertaining gambling options out there.

With the use of 3D graphics, storylines, augmented reality and much more, there is an endless supply of entertainment at your very fingertips. We have put together a short guide for you so you don’t get lost in the rapidly expanding and exhilarating world of slots.

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What Are the Odds When Playing Slot Games?

Without much ado, let’s get to the stuff that matters. What are your odds of winning? Well – it all depends.

The fact is, that when you look at the history of slot machines, the simple fact is that the jackpots have only gotten bigger and bigger. The first-ever slot machine paid out a mere few coins – today, there are progressive jackpots that knock the original bankroll completely out of the park, and should you win it, you will be in for a very smooth ride.

Slot machine odds are different, depending on what game you play. The RTP rate should be checked before you start playing. The RTP (Return to Player rate) is basically how much money you’re going to get back if you continue playing forever, or at least for millions of turns.

They are calculated by algorithms for each and every single slot game. These numbers are usually up in the high 90s. Anywhere from 96% to 98% is normal. Some games can go as low as 75%. Watch out for these and read what the RTP % is!

It’s never 100% though – this would mean that the casino makes no money, and the house edge is 0. The casinos have to eat too, and what you’re gambling on is that you’re going to get ahead and walk away before the statistics catch up with you. Otherwise, the chances are that if you keep playing, you’re going to give up most of your winnings to the rules of probability.

Luck is simply getting the system on your side first. The first step is to choose the right RTP for you. Progressive jackpots are amazing because although your chances of winning the progressive jackpots are pretty slim, it’s a) more likely than winning the lottery and b) the sums can be truly life changing and significant – this is what we talk about when we say you can “hit it big”.

Types of Slot Games

There are a few types of slot games to be on the lookout for.

3D Slots – these are the visually stunning slot games that feel juicy, 3D, and look like they’re popping out of the screen. These became popular when the graphics got better in real-life casinos. It wasn’t just the plain automatic spinning reels that were painted or printed onto the reels. These were full-on 3D and sometimes animated computer graphics that would draw you into the game and make it even more entertaining!

Classic Slots – these might sound a little “plain” but believe us – they’re not. Classic slots are considered to be the good old three-reel games that often include fruit, lucky sevens, and liberty bells, as well as the classic bar symbols. These games and graphics are how it all got started. People like to play them for the simplicity of it but also for nostalgia’s sake. But that’s not all! Classic slots are Incredible when it comes to odds – meaning that if you like winning, you’ll become friends with these simple games, just because they have some of the best odds available in slots period. Besides, being “classic” doesn’t mean sticking to the same old schematic forever. There are great 3 reel slots that have catchy graphics and amazing new soundtracks, so you’re not stuck with the banging and clanging of the old-time casino reels. Although if that’s the mood you’re looking for, then there’s plenty of those out there, available in every online casino!

Progressive Slots – Progressive slots combine the ability of the gaming machines and software providers to connect players into a community. The progressive jackpots will accumulate – sometimes it will be a progression of all the people within one casino, but a lot of the times it will be a worldwide jackpot. This is how these progressive jackpot slot machines get winnings that are completely out of this world. In fact, the ultimate most amazing prize that was won by Jon Heywood in 2015 was 13.2 million GPB! That’s over 16 million US Dollars! The now-famous progressive jackpot slot game that is capable of these kinds of winning numbers is Mega Moolah.

Mega Moolah is a five-reel slot game – it’s “theme” in the jungle, and it offers bright and colorful gameplay. It’s not one of the best graphics, but the cash speaks for itself. It has millions of players around the whole world. This is one of Microgaming’s best all-time slots. Here is the live jackpot tracker, if you’d like to take a look!

Just for fun – the odds for winning the Mega Moolah jackpot are 1:49,836,032, and the odds at winning the lottery in a country like the US can be 1:300,000,000 – play where the odds are better, it’s simple!

Here is the video of someone actually winning one and a half million at Mega Moolah – as you can see, the game is inspired by a certain lion movie that we all know and love:

Multiple Reels – Multiple reels are becoming more popular because they bring in a lot more excitement and possibilities. The classic three-reel slot game got more complicated as more reels were added in time – today, there are no mechanics to keep track of, and when you design gambling games in the same way you design a video game, your reel limits are nonexistent. Today, the standard is to use five reels, but some games have as many as ten!

Live Slot Games vs Online Slot Games – These days, there isn’t that much difference. Unless you like the ambiance of a casino, with waitresses, noise, and hundreds of other people trying to get a seat at the popular slots, you actually get a better deal while playing online. The key is more choices – getting more and more to choose from is a signature online casino benefit, because brick-and-mortar casinos have limited space. Choosing large and clunky slot machines with their huge chairs and seating areas can drastically limit how many machines can be placed on one casino floor. Online, there are absolutely no limits.

Another great benefit of casino slots online are the progressive jackpots. While real casinos can also partake in progressives, their pool tends to be smaller than online casinos.

Best Strategies for Playing Slot Games

While it’s all up to chance, we recommend a few strategies that are going to make you happier:

  • Monitor the RTP rate when you pick a new game to play
  • Stick to your favorite games for pure enjoyment – don’t just play a game you don’t find interesting just because it has a high RTP or a large jackpot. There is plenty of fish in the sea, and the point is to enjoy yourself!
  • Walk away and enjoy your big win. Of course, you can gamble more, but picking a good betting strategy, like setting money aside in order to have a bit of enjoyment after you walk away adds to an incredible gambling experience.
  • Pick favorites – these days, if the casino or a gaming developer sees that you are committed to one game, you are likely to get great bonuses as you progress – free spins of bonus cash are great incentives and can extend your playing time and your chances of winning real money when playing your favorite slot machine.
  • Don’t fall for complicated slot machine schemes. Gamblers are known to be a superstitious bunch. Here are some examples that of old wives’ tales that have absolutely no base in actual facts but are passed around from casino to casino, and gambler to gambler: new machines are better to play, location matters, you’ll win more if you stand, if a slot is “running cold” it’s about to pay out the “big one” soon, playing several slot machines in a row will give you a better chance of winning. Our best advice is this: concentrate on having fun, and make that the point of playing!
  • Pick a casino with the most free spin bonuses when you sign up. You’ll get a chance to play more free games and experiment with tons of new slots before you put real money down